Sherman's Food Adventures: Rooftop at the Sticky Wicket

Rooftop at the Sticky Wicket

A long time ago, when we were "sans enfants", we made a trip to Victoria with Costanza and Elaine.  We stayed at the Chateau Victoria and dined on oysters at Ferris' Oyster Bar.  Interestingly, we had walked past the Sticky Wicket Pub where one of their windows had been smashed (police were on the scene). I believe we were to eat there that night, but due to the window issue, we went somewhere else.  Fast forward to the present, we are much older and have 2 kids each.  We returned to the Sticky Wicket and headed up to the Rooftop since we couldn't get a big enough table in the family friendly section of the pub downstairs.

Complete with a beach volleyball court, the rooftop is a great place to hang out on a sunny day.  That we did and yes, of course we ordered food.  My son went big with the Classic Steak Sandwich with sauteed button mushrooms, garlic bread and chips.  Prepared a perfect medium-rare, the steak was charred and evenly cooked.  Not only was it tasty, it was super tender and well-rested.  It was topped with a tonne of buttery tender mushrooms.  For my daughter, she had the Cajun Chicken Quesadilla with cheddar & Monterey jack cheese, scallions and tomatoes.  She added the guacamole (for $2.00 more) to go with the sour cream.  Again, this was nothing complex, but done relatively well.  Inside the grilled flour tortillas, there was lightly spiced chicken with a good amount of melted cheddar.

For myself, I had the BBQ Sampler with fire grilled Certified Angus beef top sirloin steak, beer braised chicken drumsticks, baby back pork ribs, grilled chorizo link, BBQ sauce, cheddar jalapeño cornbread, baked beans and spicy Italian pickled vegetables.  This was a decent amount of meat where the steak was medium rare and tender despite its small size.  The ribs were fall-off-the bone but a little bland.  I thought the drumsticks were cooked just right where the meat wasn't dry.  Rounding out the meats, the chorizo was nicely grilled and slightly spicy.  For Viv, she went for something light in the Pesto Chicken Baguette with basil infused pesto aioli, grilled chicken, crisp double smoked bacon, fresh apple, smoked gouda cheese and baby spinach leaves.  Featuring as soft buttered baguette, the sandwich didn't eat heavy.  I found the chicken to be tender and moist while the rest of the ingredients created even more moisture.  Loved the smokiness of the cheese and bacon.

One thing that wasn't all that interesting was the Rooftop Burger made with Certified Angus Beef.  To be fair, this was for Costanza's youngest son and he didn't want the tomato or lettuce which probably made the burger a bit dry to eat.  However, the burger patty itself was not all that juicy either.  It was seasoned with salt and pepper, so it wasn't bland and the addition of cheese helped as well.  For Elaine, she decided on the Sirloin Steak and Watermelon Salad with balsamic, fresh basil & mint infused watermelon, red onion, feta cheese and iceberg lettuce dressed in lemon olive oil. As you can see, the steak was medium (as requested) being tender.  The salad itself was refreshing and light while sporting plenty of acidity.  So as you can see, the food wasn't complex, but it did the job for a reasonable price.  Loved the rooftop setting where there was beach volleyball and also the kid friendly space.

The Good:
- More than acceptable eats
- Decent portions
- Nice rooftop setting

The Bad:
- Not inventive food by any means (but that is not what they are trying to do either)
- Rooftop can get windy (but that is to be expected)


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