Sherman's Food Adventures: La Grotta Del Formaggio

La Grotta Del Formaggio

So it's the long weekend, time to relax and do absolutely nothing... Yah right. When you got 2 kids, this is when you do some "family time". Since we have membership at the Vancouver Aquarium, we decided to pay them a visit. If you've been reading my other posts, you know how enamored I am towards Richmond traffic and driving. But, I must say that downtown can be pretty frustrating as well. It's not so much the clueless drivers; rather, you get the rude, rushed drivers and the clueless tourist driver. Today was no exception. We were driving through Gastown following a mini-van from Oregon. As we were approaching the intersection of Water and Cordova (heading towards Richards), the mini-van suddenly stops even though there was a green light for us. Then the mini-van cuts across to turn right onto Cordova on a red light (in front of other cars and pedestrians too). I understand that you are from out of town; but does they give you a license to cause accidents and kill people??? Then, as we were approaching the Stanley Park turnoff from Georgia, we needed to change lanes from the carpool lane. However, this limo decided to speed up and tailgate the car in front of them essentially boxing us out. Then it turns out he had to change lanes too into the other lane! #$&@#$&@#!!! Next time, I'm going to Richmond, it's actually *gasp* safer!

While we were at the Aquarium, we took in the Beluga show and all I could think about was caviar... Then as we were looking at the many species of fish, all I could think about was fish n chips. My son really wanted to look at jellyfish and while we were admiring the awe of the big jellyfish, all I could think about was Chinese marinaded jellyfish! I think we needed to leave and find some food. Otherwise I'm not sure what I would be thinking of at the otter exhibit. On our way out of downtown, I convinced Viv to lineup for 20 minutes to get a Japadog. We only shared a Misomayo dog because we had to save some room for a sandwich. You chose a sandwich over eating more Japadogs? Yes, but this is no ordinary sandwich. We are talking about a La Grotta Del Formaggio sandwich. A what?

We are talking about the "cavern of cheese" on The Drive (Commerical Drive) in Vancouver. Yes, they sell a lot of deli items and many different cheeses. But their real draw are the fabulous sandwiches. Viv has been telling me about them for awhile. She's had them many times since she works nearby. Today, we wanted to pick one up as we headed over to meet up with Costanza at Confederation Park. For around $12 you get a humongous grilled focaccia sandwich with your choice of meat, cheese and a multitude of high quality ingredients such as artichoke hearts and roasted peppers. This sandwich is so large, it easily feeds 2, maybe more. As we were busily munching them down at the park, random people commented and inquired about the sandwich. Yes, they look and taste that good! Costanza suggested that we should've bought more and re-sold them at the park. Interesting idea; however, that would really take away from some serious eating time. And you know I wouldn't do that!

The Good:
- High quality ingredients
- They are not shy about stuffing the sandwich full of stuff
- Excellent value

The Bad:
- It's a messy sandwich to eat (especially if you add fatty cheese)

La Grotto Del Formaggio
1791 Commerical Drive
Vancouver, B.C.

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KimHo said...

Messy = tastes good, hehehehe

Out of curiosity, what meat and cheese did you choose? From the picture, that looks like turkey but can't tell the cheese.

Sherman Chan said...

Yes Kim, the messier it is, the tastier it is! You are correct on the turkey. The cheese is Havarti. Apparently this is Viv's favourite combination. Actually, she should be the one who wrote this post!

Anonymous said...

Great sandwich. Looks like it could feed more than 2. I should add it to my sandwich poll. LOL

We loved the Vancouver Aquarium when we visited a few years back. Our favourites were the beluga whales. Not sure what food they would have reminded me of but it would have been big.

Sherman Chan said...

Hi Peter, yes the sandwich was huge. Hmmm... If they still had whales at the Aquarium, I'm sure it would be even bigger!

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