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Mayuri Indian Cuisine

Butter Chicken, Palak Paneer, Tandoori Chicken and Aloo Gobi are some of the more recognizable dishes found in Indian restaurants in the GVRD. What many people do not know is that this is only a very small representation of Indian food. Many of the immigrants from Indian were from the Punjab, which is really a very small area in northern India. Consequently, the majority of Indian cuisine in the GVRD is reflective of the population. This is also very similar to Chinese cuisine where it is predominantly Cantonese food, since many of the early immigrants were from Hong Kong. Trying to find southern Indian cuisine is a bit of a challenge. It's out there; you just need to know where to look for it. Nikita emailed me a few days ago asking if I wanted to go for lunch at Mayuri. I've heard of this place before. It serves both northern and southern Indian cuisine. However, I only had eyes on the Dosas, a specifically southern food. Dosas are essentially crepes made with lentils and rice flour. They can be served plain or filled with practically anything.

Mayuri is located in a very odd place, right smack in the middle of a predominantly industrial complex. If Nikita hadn't invited me to go, I would not know it existed. We had a bit of a problem deciding on the many different dosas available. Alas, Nikita noticed that there as a platter on the last page which included a Masala Dosa, Vada (Savory Lentil Donut), Idli (Steamed Rice Cake) and Lentil Soup. We both ordered this not knowing how much food it really was. When the platter arrived, the dosa was quite large; however, one peek inside revealed that there was only a modest amount of potatoes and onions. We were supplied with 2 condiments which included a coconut chutney and red tomato chutney. The sauces seemed to balance each other out, one being smooth and the other being a tad spicy.

The dosa was nice and crispy; yet a tad too chewy. I broke off large sections and dipped it into the sauces. When I go closer to the filling, I began to eat it in one piece. The vada was excellent. It was very crispy, while being soft and warm on the inside. The idli was soft and fluffy; but Nikita and I were not too found of it, not because it wasn't good, but probably because we were on carb overload. The lentil soup was a nice balance of sweet, spicy and salty. The idli was a bit more bearable to eat once I dipped it into the soup. Balancing the entire meal was the Mango Lassi that I ordered. It's essentially a sweet drink made of mango pulp, yogurt and ice cream. I really enjoyed the drink, it was similar to a milkshake. I thought it was alright, could've had more taste other than sweet.

Seeing that time was a wasting, I really didn't get a chance to finish my dosa. Mind you, even if I did have time I wouldn't have finished it either. I'm not sure if it was the quantity or the fact that I was suffering from carb overload. Whatever the case, it was a decent, if not average meal; but honestly, I like northern Indian cuisine better.

The Good:
- It's something a bit different
- Inexpensive

The Bad:
- Weird location
- Food is pretty average
- Lack of staff

Business Hours:
11:00am - 9:30pm (7 days a week)

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Follow Me Foodie said...

I just had lunch was by 4th visit. I'm really carb overload...i want to take a nap.

I'm really surprised at how low the urabnspoon ranking is...Indian people love this place. maybe the people voting aren't Indian? My Indian friends are the ones that keep taking me back. It is authentic.

Sherman Chan said...

Agreed, my friends say it's authentic as well. However, with that being said, I prefer the dosas at Desi Dosa Madras. They're a bit softer and easier to eat.

darKNiGht said...

I'm not sure when you visited last but they have recently had a change in chefs- the food has improved and this is coming from a long time customer! Check it out again if you haven't after this.

Sherman Chan said...

@darKNiGht Good to know. I've always want to do a revisit anyways!

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