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After any Dim Sum, I like to get something refreshing. It is usually in the form of some gelato, Slurpee, fruit smoothie or bubble tea. Today, it was going to be bubble tea. We were thinking of Bubble World; but I really wanted to try Teawork at the corner of Victoria & 41st. Every time I have driven by the place, I have wondered about it. Well, I finally made it out to try it. Teawork is actually a restaurant and bubble tea joint. I didn't come for the food, so I didn't try any. However, I looked at some of the food people were eating and a first glance, it didn't look all that good. Maybe it tastes better than it looks? Maybe I'll try it someday.

Anyways, I was here for the bubble tea and I decided on a Pink Guava Slush with coconut jelly. Yes, I don't usually get tapioca pearls with my bubble tea because I don't particularly like them. To some people, it seems like a big contradiction since I like bubble tea; but don't like the pearls. Oh well, each to their own? Even before I got my drink, I noticed that there were no fresh fruit bubble teas available. However, they did have fresh fruit juice on the menu. So I was bracing for the worst since I'm not a huge fan of powdered slushes. It turns out I needed more than a brace; rather a full-fledged parachute. The drink was horrible. First, it tasted like candy. Second, it was very icy. Either they didn't blend it long enough or the blender wasn't capable of blending it smooth. Viv said the drink reminded her of those slushies you find in the Showmart during the PNE.

Once again, I was attracted to a place due to it's nice exterior and attractive name. This happened to me at Jellie D's a month ago. I should have listened to Vandelay when he told me that Teaworks was nothing special. I usually listen to him because he is quite knowledgeable. Serves me right for ignoring his advice. Speaking of which, it was eery to see Vandelay turning left onto 41st as I was leaving Teaworks. Coincidence?

The Good:
- It looks pretty on the outside
- I like the name Teaworks (or is it Tea Work?)

The Bad:
- Bubble tea was a disaster
- Food didn't look all that good

5695 Victoria Drive
Vancouver, B.C.

Business Hours:
11:30am - 12:30am (Sun - Thu)
11:30am - 1:00am (Fri & Sat)

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Anonymous said...

Oh snap....#1! Congrats ;)

Sometimes when we're hungry, my friends will suggest TeaWorks and I cringe....I am NOT a fan of this place and they know it! Just did not have a good experience, and there are better places to get bbt and food in the same area [my neighbourhood btw haha].

Sherman Chan said...

Thanks! Yup, you're right, this place is not very good. Wonder why they are still in business...

Wally said...

Are you sure thus isn't how it's served in other parts of the world or the us etc. Some Seattle bubble drink is like this. Fresh fruit I heard is a cantonese bastardization of powder Taiwan flavor. Not that I really like powder but it's good corrolary. Maybe the clientel like it this way?

Anson said...

It's all about location, location, and location. THey have a big place and it's open late at night.

Otherwise, I think they'd have closed a long time ago. BBT is blah...and food is the pits.

Sherman Chan said...


Actually it's not even the powder issue. I really love Bubble World's sour green apple (which incidentally is a powder! But unlike Teaworks, the one at Bubble World is smooth. That's the issue I have with it. Bubble tea is not supposed to be in big icy chunks.

Sherman Chan said...

Yes Anson, it's location. Because this was THE worst bubble tea I've had in a long time.

Jessica604 said...

It's Tea Work.
I always wondered if the bbt / food was good at this place. I don't understand how some places in Vancouver / Richmond stay open when their product is just so-so. There's just so many other places to spend my food dollars!

Sherman Chan said...

Thanks Jessica. Still sounds strange to me... LOL...

Anonymous said...

Teaworks is still in business because they have the location. There isn't any other that are in walking distance for those who don't drive in that area.

Anonymous said...

The food is very decent considering the price. I grew up in Taiwan and here in Vancouver where I spent years of my youth dinning in restaurants and helping friends establishing a few bbt restaurants in town, so I'm become extremely hard to please when it comes to good value Taiwanese food. I find that Teawork actually has some of the better prices and tasty menu items in town. I especially consider the Kim chi fry rice and their Korean Bbq pork with rice worth the money.

Sure, the service bites and the food plating/presentation isn't flattering but most of the Items I've ordered (ive had about 1/3 of their entree menu over the months I've been dinning there), compared to other restaurants in this genre, are very decent with decent portion as well. I also find the food to be light on grease and healthier compared to many other bbt restaurants in town I frequent. Some of the side dishes that accompany the entree are outstanding, even. While others, like their sea weed salad and pickled cucumber need some work but I still enjoyed them.

This isn't fine dinning, so I you just want tasty food at a decent price, in the area, I recommend checking it out.

On the tea note, they only serve powdered drinks and I don't drink anything without at least some organic components in it (water doesn't count :) so I can't comment on how their tea may appeal to powerdered tea drinkers.

By the way, don't restaurant reviewers actually "taste" the food before giving their opinions or is Sherman's adventure a mere catelogue of how good/bad the food "looks"?

Sherman Chan said...

That's a fair comment since I didn't taste the food. If you read all the rest of my posts, this is probably one of the 2 occurrences that I didn't actually taste the food. However, based on other people who I respect and trust, the food has not been all that good. Of course I really should try it for myself; but it's not high on my priority list since much like most people who read this blog, you want to avoid places that aren't very good.

The B*critic said...

i walked in.
realised that the bubble tea didn't look all that great and than ran out cause they didn't serve me! hahaha!!!! who is this anon?
by the way, i'm michelle - love the blog.

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