Sherman's Food Adventures: Yogen Fruz

Yogen Fruz

After brunch at the Crystal Mall Hilton, we headed over to Metrotown. While Viv was getting a pedicure, I decided to go get some frozen yogurt. Yes, you might be wondering why I'm getting frozen yogurt when I already just went for brunch. Well, it was my intention to get something and at least I chose something relatively healthy. The alternative was CinnZeo and that is 600 calories of buttery cinnamon goodness. In comparison, a large yogen fruz is around 300 calories. Yes, every calorie counts...

Yogen Fruz has been around for quite awhile now, since 1986 in fact. I remember once back in 1995 (yes, that long ago), Costanza and I got some Yogen Fruz on our way to lineup at A&B Sound on boxing day. Yes, we were young and stupid. Just imagine how cold we were. Since then, they've gone through a makeover of sorts lately and you could swear it looks exactly like Qoola (or does Qoola look like Yogen Fruz?). I decided to go for a large strawberry frozen yogurt. I picked strawberry because my daughter (who's only 1 and a half) was pointing aggressively at the strawberries (she loves them). After paying, much to my chagrin, she didn't want any! Luckily, Viv was happy to see the Yogen Fruz and helped me finish it.

The large was $5.00 and honestly, there was quite a bit of frozen yogurt in the cup. However, whoever put it in the cup was probably a Richmond driver because it was all over the place. Look at the picture! Isn't that the ugliest presentation of a frozen dessert in a cup ever??? Even dog poop at your neighbourhood park is more uniform than that (hmm, lost your appetite yet?). Anyways, I began eating the frozen yogurt and it was quite light tasting, not too sweet. However, it was bit icy for my liking. It is not remotely as smooth as Qoola's. Yet, it is a lot cheaper and more plentiful than a comparable item at Qoola. So here is the dilemma. We have an inferior product that is much less expensive than a superior product. Does this mean Yogen Fruz is bad? Not exactly. If you crave the best in everything, then yes, you'll probably be happier at Qoola. But, if you do not want to pay almost double for only a 20% improvement, then Yogen Fruz is more than acceptable.

The Good:
- Reasonable prices
- Light tasting, not too sweet
- Real fruit flavours

The Bad:
- It's a bit icy
- Obviously not as good as Qoola, but costs much less

Yogen Fruz
#1213 - 4700 Kingsway
Burnaby, B.C.

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Mimi said...

Try the chocolate frozen yogurt with fresh raspberries. It's delish. You get your chocolate fix but with fewer calories.

Sherman Chan said...

Hmmm, I will try it next time!

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