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Red Robin

Okay, I'll admit it. I originally did an Urbanspoon post saying that I didn't like Red Robin. Why? Well, probably because for the money, you can get a better burger at places such as Moderne, Fatburger, Vera's, Hamburger Heaven, Burgers Etc. and Burger Burger. I know some of these places are bit more expensive, but they are also much better. But, and this is a big but, I used to enjoy Red's when I was in High School and 1st/2nd year University. Why have I changed my tune regarding Red's? Is it that my palate has become more refined? Am I being a food snob? Well, I really hope it's not the latter! I still love dives and cheap places! So what is it? I think part of the reason is that everything is fried there. The whole menu is essentially in different shades of brown. Moreover, some of the food is really not all that good either.

Well, today I had to go to Red's because it was my son's birthday and he insisted we go there. So off we go with the whole family to Red's in the pouring rain. I have to admit one thing though, Red's is one of the most kid friendly restaurants around. They have an extensive kid's menu (with refillable milk), crayons in their own boxes and balloons. Every time I visit Red's, I need to have the Royal Red Robin Burger. It's got 2 slices of cheese, bacon and a fried egg. Yes, low-fat eating it isn't; but it's pretty good! I guess after reading Christina's post about her Royal Red, I needed to have one too. I actually do like the burgers at Red's. They're typically quite large and there is never a shortage of fillings. The one problem I have is that it's a bit inconsistent at times. Once, my burger patty was like a piece of charcoal and Viv's was undercooked. Moreover, I'm not a big fan of their steak fries. I like Red's fries when they were still potato wedges. Yes, that was a long time ago. Most of the time, their steak fries are limp and soggy. However, they do go well with Red's tartar sauce.

Viv had the Whiskey River BBQ Burger. She commented that it had too much mayo and not enough BBQ sauce. Mom had the Mini Crispy Chicken Burgers. There were 3 of them: BBQ, Buzz and Original. They looked good; but it appeared she had a hard time with the buns. They seemed a bit too crunchy. Dad had the Salmon Caesar and although the salad was fresh, the salmon was overcooked and dry. And here is the issue I have with Red Robin. Other than the burgers and some of the appies, the other dishes at Red's are not very good. For the price of these dishes, I'd really go somewhere else. But I do admit that the burgers are good. So I actually removed the negative post on Urbanspoon and now have replaced it with this blog post. This time, I'm not saying whether I like it or not. I'm staying neutral.

The Good:
- Burgers are quite good
- Inexpensive place to eat
- Kid-friendly

The Bad:
- Other entrees are not very good
- The menu is in different shades of brown (the pictures of the food)

Red Robin
9268 Cameron Street
Burnaby, B.C.

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Anonymous said...

they have the worst nacho in the world, and no beef topping for nachos? only chicken? who the hell have chicken with their nachos?

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