Sherman's Food Adventures: Jugo Juice

Jugo Juice

How come the weather is always so nice in May? It seems like every year it rains like no tomorrow in April, then gets nice in May. April showers bring May flowers? Okay, then why does it start to rain again in June? Right, we live on the wet coast. Taking advantage of the nice weather, I switch into summer mode and get into my shorts and sandals. Excellent, now onto the mall... Mall? On a nice day like today? Trust me, I'm not even sure why I'm at the mall. One thing is for sure, at least I can get a nice cold refreshment here. We were considering Orange Julius; but we really don't like the last 1/3rd of the drink since it becomes a foamy mess. Also, it ain't cheap. Too bad there isn't Jamba Juice up here in Canada (yet). However, we do have Booster Juice and Jugo Juice. It ain't Jamba Juice, but it'll have to do.

I've always been a bit weary of Jugo Juice. It's probably the brand loyalty and familiarity of Jamba Juice. It's almost like, "How dare they try to copy them!" I guess it could be the Marble Slab and Coldstone Creamery debate as well. Anyways, we picked up a Powerzone Jugo Juice, which contains strawberries, pineapple, tropical nectar and orange juice. I'll admit it. This is probably the 5th time I've had Jugo Juice and it is indeed growing on me. If Jamba Juice never existed, I'd probably like it unconditionally.

Well, my daughter seemed to like Jugo Juice unconditionally. She kept sipping away at it like there was no tomorrow. This is exactly how my son reacted to Jamba Juice when we visited my cousins in San Fran, 3 years ago. They do say children are the best indicators of honest opinions. Therefore, I guess there really isn't that big of a difference other than the name.

The Good:
- It's supposed to be a bit healthier than other drinks (there is quite a bit of sugar though)
- You get your servings of fruit!
- It's refreshing

The Bad:
- It's a bit filling
- It's not really that cheap

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