Sherman's Food Adventures: Chung's Fish n' Chips

Chung's Fish n' Chips

*Restaurant is now closed*

A few months back, I was in Ladner and in search of quick eats.  Originally, I planned to grab a sandwich at Localz Urban Cafe, but something stopped me in my tracks.  No, it wasn't somebody cutting me off.  Remember, I was on the South side of the Fraser!  Rather, there was this new fish n' chip joint across the street.  Yes, I ogle new restaurants like a decked out import surrounded by models at SEMA.  But the darn place didn't have a name!  There was only a sandwich board advertising fish n' chips...  It's like the restaurant was naked!  *gasp*. Well, I took my chances and decided to give a go.  It turned out to be a good decision and I planned to visit it again in the near future.  Well, the near future came faster than a sperm donor.  I was contacted by the restaurant to return because they had put up real signage since my visit.

So I dragged the family down to quaint Ladner Village for some deep-fry action.  However, we didn't start with anything fried.  Rather, we had 2 each of the Salmon Tacos and Shrimp Tacos.  We liked how the tortillas were soft, yet thick enough to hold up to the wet ingredients.   The salmon was cooked just enough so it was still moist.  We liked how fresh the fish tasted.  As for the shrimp, they did not have the snap we were looking for and surmised that they might've been cooked too long. Next up was a good amount of Calamari served in a cone basket.  This was pretty good with crispy rings which were just tender enough.  It was not greasy.  The tzatziki was thick with a decent amount of cucumber and zing.  

For my main, I went for the Ling Cod and Halibut.  The first thing I noticed was that the batter didn't have the same zing as the previous visit.  However, it was still thin and crispy.  For all the fish n' chips I've tried, this has been one of the thinnest layers of batter I've seen.  Essentially, the is no batter hiding a small piece of fish.  And much like last time, the fish was fried beautifully including the halibut.  It was flaky and just barely cooked.  I found the fries to have more "body" as they were starchier.  Previously, they were airy and light, which isn't exactly a bad thing, but I just didn't think it went with the fish very well.  As for the tartar sauce, it was good being a combination of creamy and tart.  The coleslaw was okay with a noticeable fresh crunch, but I would've personally preferred more acidity.  Viv went for the Salmon & Chips which can be really tricky to prepare.  Salmon is fantastic when cooked right, but a disaster when overdone.  In this case, they nailed it as it was flaky and still full of moisture.  Combined with the same crispy thin batter, it was a winner.

My daughter had the Kid's Fish n' Chips which featured a large piece of cod.  This was more than enough for a child in my opinion.  And guess what my son had in a fish n' chip joint???  Chicken Strips of course!  Well, they were chicken strips... He ate them and heck, I wasn't going to complain.  So this was a successful revisit to a place many people wouldn't even know about.  I say, get to know it because the fish n' chips are good.

The Good:
- Thin, light batter
- Fish is fresh
- Service is friendly

The Bad:
- Super small place, you might be tableless
- The shrimp could be better


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