Sherman's Food Adventures: Serious Pie

Serious Pie

You'd think that we would not have time for lunch on a day like Black Friday.  C'mon, what's more important?  Shopping or eating???  Besides, with 8:00pm Thursday night store openings, most people had finished their Black Friday shopping by Friday.  Well, we were still doing some morning pursuing at various stores at Southcenter...  Wait.  No.  I was actually there returning some items for Viv.  For the love of...  returning stuff on Black Friday???  Geez, she owes me!  So after standing in line at Kohl's for 30 minutes to return women's shoes, we headed into Downtown Seattle for some Serious Pie.  One of the many Tom Douglas establishments, the wood-fired pie follows in the style of Neapolitan pizza (except probably more hearty).

We started with the Marinated Lacinato Kale Salad with chilis, parmigiano and pine nuts.  It was not as scary as it sounded (well at least to us that is).  The leaves were hearty as expected, but due to the copious amount of Parm, we were distracted by the salty-cheesiness to realize it was Kale.  The addition of peppers provided a nice kick. We decided to share 2 pizzas with the Sweet Fennel Sausage with peppers and provolone arriving first.  It turned out to be a fantastic choice (Costanza's recommendation since he's been here before).  The crust was nicely charred with a certain level of nuttiness.  The dough was seasoned mildly which allowed the rest of the flavours to come through, in particular, the moist flavourful sausage.  We would've liked more impact from the tomato sauce, but it wasn't a hinderence either.
Next up was the Soft Cooked Free Range Eggs and Pork Belly was a mild and understated pizza as we suspected.  The whole thing was more a textural delight rather than flavour explosion.  The runny egg was fantastic while the abundance of arugula provided a peppery brightness.  The thin slices of pork belly became almost of an afterthought.  We could tell it was there, but it provided not much flavour nor texture. Despite this, the pizzas were both good in terms of the thin crust and the leoparding (which was just right without burning the whole pizza).  In the end, I was pretty impressed with the pizza here.  The plethora of quality toppings combined with a good crust made me want to return.  And that pretty much says it all...

The Good:
- A decent amount of toppings
- Nicely charred crust
- Pretty good service

The Bad:
- Communal seating is cramped
- Parking in the area stinks


Anonymous said...

You should've tried the root beer! It is seriously something else. And the truffle mushroom pizza!

Lena said...

Did you get a chance to go to Purple Cafe and Wine Bar? That place is pretty amazing if you like wine.

Unknown said...

Try Mushroom and Truffle Cheese next time. It is an absolute Masterpiece. I tried Fennel Sausage and it was just okay for me. The center was a bit soft. The Duck egg was a bit experimental for others in my party. But the Mushroom and Truffle Cheese we are still taking about it to this day.

Sherman Chan said...

@umamiandme Don't worry, I shall next time I go back! Thanks!

@Lena Nope, but thanks for the suggestion!

@Unknown Okay, deal!

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