Sherman's Food Adventures: Myoung Dong Khal Kook Soo

Myoung Dong Khal Kook Soo

As mentioned in previous posts, the multitude of Korean restaurants along North Road can be truly confusing to many (including myself).  Not too long ago, I decided to embark on a mission to try every one of these establishments. Helping me navigate through the maze of hard to pronounce restaurant names is Big D.  You see, his wife is Korean and he knows all the best spots and signature items as well.  So it was a good thing that he suggested we head to Myoung Dong Khal Kook Soo for lunch.  Um, come again?  Yah, see what I mean by confusing? Try to explain that to someone who isn't familiar with the area.  You'd have better luck finding someone understanding how a traffic circle works... Oh and it doesn't help the place is within a small little mall with no real evidence on the outside in the form of obvious signage.

If Big D hadn't met me at the front, I would've still been looking for the restaurant several hours later.  Once inside, it was quite apparent where it was since there was a counter and an eating area.  But the name was only in Korean!  Looking over the menu, I found the prices to be quite reasonable and once the food starting coming out, it was evident that this was a well-priced authentic Korean joint.  We started with the Dolsot Bibimbap served with a heaping plate of kimchi and a side of soup. The stone bowl was hot enough to create a crispy rice crust while providing a pleasant sizzle for our ears.  The rice was not mushy, yet moist enough to withstand the hot stone bowl.  Mixed in with the hot sauce and well-prepared ingredients, this was a good start.  Unknowingly, we had ordered the Kim Bop even though Big D had explicitly said Wang Mandoo.  Maybe his Korean needs some work?  Well, the Kim Bop was like a smaller, yet longer version of a futomaki.  It was fine for what it was...  a good side dish.  

As for the Wang Madoo (which is confusing because it should really be a steamed bun), we finally got it after the confusion and they were absolutely massive.  A plate of these would easily fill most appetites.  They were filled with pork, chives and seasoning.  In addition to using the supplied vinegary soy sauce, the chili sauce at the table added the necessary kick to the mild dumplings. We also tried their Kal Gook Soo (authentic knife-cut noodles in soup).  These noodles were pretty good being a tad chewy while enjoyable to slurp with the mild-tasting soup.  Again, I went back to the chili sauce for some added flavour. In the end, we were stuffed and didn't end up finishing our food.  This place is definitely a great value considering the portions, prices and food quality.  Now if I could only remember the name!

The Good:
- Well-priced
- Good portions
- Good food

The Bad:
- It's like a little food fair, nothing fancy if that matters to you
- Hard to find and hard to pronounce (oh and menu has no explanations either)

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