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Pho Capital

Don't you just love the windshield flyer?  You know, the piece of advertisement that is placed underneath you windshield wiper?  Yes, the one that gets wet in our rain and becomes pulp.  Or how about not noticing it until you start driving and then it becomes a distraction.  Should you stop to remove it or continue driving down the road with "Lose 20lbs in one month!!!" staring you in the face?  Well, I normally curse these flyers as much as a terrorizing drive through Richmond.  However, I did a double-take at the one we received after our meal at Hee Rae Dung. A new Pho place on North Road eh? And 20% off too???  Can you say a sale on frozen duck at T&T?  I went there with bells on!  Fail though because they were closed due to some building issue.  Drat.  Undeterred, Viv and I returned on the same night I got back from Black Friday shopping.

Viv went for a small bowl of Pho and once again, we had the discussion regarding the difference between a large and a small bowl.  More often than not, the only difference is the size of the bowl and the amount of broth. Anyways, the broth was quite flavourful in terms of sweetness and meatiness.  It goes without saying that there was a good amount of MSG in it, but at the very least, this was one of the more powerful Pho soups I've had as of late.  The noodles were nicely texture while the meats were sliced thin and tender. My large Bun Bo Hue was anything but.  There seemed to be much more soup than noodles.  In terms of the amount of meat, it was acceptable, but there was no pork blood nor knuckle.  Once again, the broth was in-my-face with definite flavours of lemongrass and shrimp paste.  In fact, there was a real pungent seafoody thing going on because of the shrimp paste.  A bit overpowering yes, but I liked it.  In terms of heat, it was quite mild.  The noodles, as little of it as there was, were slippery and not overcooked.  The meats were good, especially, the large chunks of cha lua.

If we thought the soup noodle were modest in portion, the Lemongrass Chicken with Fried Egg on Rice was absolutely huge.  On a large plate, there was a good amount of chewy rice topped with 2 massive deboned chicken legs which were attractively charred.  The flavourings were a touch sweet for our tastes, but it added a richness to the dish.  Despite the conservative portions with the soup noodle, the rice dish made up for that.  We struggled to finish it.  After this visit, I would say that Pho Capital is better than the nearby Pho 99.

The Good:
- Lots of flavour (although it can be partly attributed to MSG)
- Friendly people
- Rice dish was massive

The Bad:
- Heavy on the MSG
- Soup noodle portions are modest

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