Sherman's Food Adventures: Gawa Sushi

Gawa Sushi

To say that North Delta is the black hole of Japanese food would be an understatement.  Let's see here, we have Minori (best of the bunch, but not a great value IMO), Akari (not bad, but lacking in the authenticity department, if you care) and...  that's about it.  Sure, there is Nordel Sushi and Toyko Sushi Express, but they are on the Surrey side of Scott Road.  Oh and let's not include New MaCaw's because that ain't Japanese or Yami Yaki because that is more of a fast food teppanyaki place.  So imagine the excitment it brought when I saw Gawa Sushi opening up near Pho Stanley.  I was as giddy as a little boy receiveing Lego for Christmas.  Wait, I still get giddy about that... 

I decided on the Chicken Katsu Don which looked completely perplexing on arrival.  Rather than being served in a bowl, it was nicely arranged on a plate much like you'd find at 29th Ave Cafe.  However, the chicken-to-rice ratio was really off.  I appreciated the generous amount of fried chicken cutlet, but the little mound of rice was not even close enough to what the dish required.  The chicken itself was really crunchy and somewhat overcooked.  It was pretty average.  I got a side of Appetizer Sashimi and it was a decent portion.  It wasn't cut particularly nicely, but it was decent in texture and taste. 

On another visit, I tried one of their lunch boxes which included Green Salad, Beef Teriyaki, Dynamite Roll, 3 pcs Nigiri and Spring Roll (???). Well, the teriyaki was pretty dry and oversauced while the roll was not too bad.  The rice could've been less dry and more flavourful, but I wasn't expecting much.  The ebi tempura was crispy though.  The nigiri was okay while the spring roll was completely perplexing. I dunno, the food here was edible, but hardly giving an excuse to escape from the black hole.  I guess in the spirit of Obi-Wan Kenobi, "these aren't the rolls you're looking for.  You can go about your business, move along, move along..."

The Good:
- Friendly proprietors
- Okay pricing

The Bad:
- Food is so-so
- If you were looking for authentic, you won't find that in North Delta...

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PH said...

I was waiting for you to try Gawa plus over Minori (across the street) is more accessible parking lol.

I by no means can accurately critique food, to me it either tastes good or it doesn't.

enjoyed the review!

Sherman Chan said...

@PH Hey food is subjective. So everyone will have their own likes and dislikes. Minori is better IMO. :)

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