Sherman's Food Adventures: Fuji Sushi

Fuji Sushi

When Fuji Sushi packed up and closed on North Road, many gasped in horror...  including myself!  You see, Fuji was one of the few Japanese-operated restaurants in the GVRD.  Of course, by virtue of being Japanese-run doesn't mean it would be good, but it is a start.  And yes, Fuji was good.  Well, after making room for the new Evergreen Line, Fuji Sushi has re-opened in Port Moody, close to the police station.  Wonder if they will have a donut roll?  Big D actually made the suggestion that we head out to the new location because he and Slick are big fans of the place.  I wasn't going to object since it would mean that I had company when I began snapping pictures of my wasabi...

So we decided to get one each of the lunch specials except for myself.  Yes, I got 2 because I was greedy and had the "eyes-are-bigger-than-my-waist" phenonmenon.  I got both the Sashimi and Tonakatsu meal respectively. The Sashimi was prepared carefully and nicely plated.  It consisted of tuna, salmon, hamachi and red tuna.  Each piece had a nice sheen as well as a fresh taste (as fresh as previously frozen fish can be).  It was accompanied by rice, pickles, potato salad and miso soup. The Tonkatsu was beautifully fried where the exterior was crisp while the pork was relatively moist.  Some portions were drier since the meat was less fatty.  It came with a green salad, cabbage, karashi mustard and tonkatsu sauce.
Slick insisting on having the Fried Oysters and for good reason.  He generously passed me one and wow, that was a pretty darn good fried oyster.  It was large, plump and sweet with a really crispy panko coating. Not the most filling plate of food, but I'd order 2 next time. It also came with green salad, cabbage and karashi mustard.  Big D ended up with the Bento Box consisting of Tempura, Nigiri, Tekka Maki, Chicken Teriyaki and Korokke.  I was able to sample the maki sushi and the rice was nicely prepared and flavoured.  The tempura was light and crispy while the rest of the items were solid.  This is what real Japanese food is about.  I'm not saying that I don't enjoy other types of Japanese restaurants, but sometimes, the simple stuff done right hits the spot.

The Good:
- Authentic (if that matters to you)
- Carefully prepared food
- Pretty good service

The Bad:
- Weird seating arrangements (in a former HK-style cafe), kinda too open
- A bit more expensive than other types of Japanese restaurants (but worth it IMO)

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