Sherman's Food Adventures: Capstone Tea & Fondue (Robson)

Capstone Tea & Fondue (Robson)

A random cleaning of the living room yielded scrap paper, opened mail, flyers, an old Rick Astley CD (uh...) and a bunch of receipts. Into the shredder they go!  Wait, what's this?  Another forgotten Groupon?  Drat, actually a few forgotten Groupons...  I picked out the Capstone Tea & Fondue to discover it was expiring in a week. Seeing how I "never want to give it up", I quickly made an online reservation so that I wouldn't lose another Groupon to the dreaded expiry date.

One of the reasons why I bought it in the first place was because of the kiddies.  I thought they would enjoy dipping various fruits, veggies and other items into cheese and chocolate.  Well at least my daughter would because my son doesn't do veggies and fruits...  We started with a few drinks as it allowed us to get some extras with our fondue (more food essentially including a bigger helping of Ice Cream).  We got a Matcha Fruit Tea, Strawberry Real Fruit Frappe and Lychee Black Tea.  All did the job, but were rather pricey. As part of our spread, we got 2 each of the Traditional Swiss Cheese Fondue and Semi-Sweet Dark Chocolate Fondue.

If you can see it in the background, there were sprinkles, coconut slivers, graham cracker crumbs, roasted peanuts, slivered almonds and caramel crumbs for our dipping pleasure. I found the cheese to be rather thick, decently flavourful and good for adhering to the ingredients.  It was not very hot though and the serving arrangements made it easy to tip over.  The chocolate wasn't bad as it was also a decent consistency but it was overly sweet.  As the pictures illustrates, there was a selection of baby carrots, grape tomatoes, grapes, granny smith apples, bread cubes, pretzels, puffs, banana bread, cookies, banana, pineapple and strawberries.

Lastly, we got a good helping of Ice Cream Truffle Centers consisting of Green Tea, Strawberry and Cookies & Cream.  These were frozen solid which worked well with the fondue.  We couldn't finish them all because it was a bit heavy as a final item.  Even though we had 2 kids with us, there was enough food here for a big snack or light meal (but I wouldn't actually substitute an actual meal with it).  If I had to pay regular price, the type of food we got could be considered expensive.  But the whole point is to have some fun and that we did.

The Good:
- A fun activity whilst eating
- It's a social thing

The Bad:
- Not cheap
- The fondue set was cute, but easy to knock over

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