Sherman's Food Adventures: The Templeton

The Templeton

There I was, ready to take the frontal shot of The Templeton.  Camera in hand, I flipped the switch and proceeded to take the picture.  Oh no, I forgot to replace the memory card!  No matter, I went into my bag to get my spare SD card.  The horror...  I had no SD cards.  Now what do I do?  It was too dark to use my phone, so I briefly considered heading over to the nearest Shoppers.  But wait...  Apu had a spare SD card.  Uh...  At that point, I didn't know whether to be super thankful or really weary of someone having a spare SD card in their pocket.

Anyways, these pictures are brought to you by dumb luck thanks to Apu.  So as mentioned, we were at The Templeton which does its very best to emulate the authentic diner experience complete with requisite counter seating and soda fountains.  With that, Milhouse and Gordo decided to try out their Milkshakes including the root beer and Creamsicle.  I tried the Creamsicle which was smooth and very light.  Emilicious had the same one and remarked it was lacking in orange flavour and we concurred.  But then again, it wasn't too sweet either (which is a good thing).  For Gordo's main, he had the Grilled Cheese with tomatoes and red onions. The edges of the bread were crispy and went well with the ooey gooey gruyère cheese.  However, the thick slices of tomato made the rest of the sandwich wet which was not great texturally.

For myself, I had the BBB Burger which consisted of organic beef, bacon, cheese and BBQ sauce.  This was a really large concoction which was hard to put into my mouth.  I found the beef patty to be cooked all the way through and a little dry.  The rest of the ingredients seemed to help matters though.  The bun was of the standard sesame variety.  I would've liked to see something lighter.  As for the side of fresh-cut fries, they were fantastic.  They were fried beautifully crisp and were light and fluffy on the inside.  Apu and Milhouse both had the BLT with 3 slices of toast.  Nothing amiss here with crunchy toasted bread, crispy bacon and fresh produce.  They both had the Spicy Creamy Tomato Soup on the side.  Milhouse thought that it was overly tart and spicy and would've liked to see more balance in the form of sweetness.

Groundskeeper Willy ended up with the Fish & Chips which he really liked.  The large pieces of fish were flaky and moist while the batter was crispy.  He didn't find anything greasy at all. For once, there was enough creamy tartar sauce for the entire dish (some places skimp).  As you can clearly see, there was nothing particularly wild about the food.  It did the job with some highlights.  However, the place is a reminder of yesteryear which makes the food taste better on ambiance and service alone.

The Good:
- Ol' skool diner ambiance
- Friendly service
- Outstanding fries

The Bad:
- Keep your party small
- Interesting walk to the washroom through the kitchen

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Chuk said...

Your friends all have the same name as characters on the Simpsons. Weird.

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