Sherman's Food Adventures: Pig on the Street

Pig on the Street

Now in its 3rd year of existence, there is no shortage of food carts in Vancouver. We are seeing more and more choices congregating in common locations (which offers up lots of choice for hungry people).  But for me, I have been aching to try Pig on the Street.  C'mon, they had me at "bacon".  Apparently, I wasn't the only one with bacon urges as the place was pretty darn busy.  No wonder they are predicting a bacon shortage in the future!

While in line, I noticed some bacon Twisty Bread and I proceeded to add it to my order. Flaky, light, peppery, cheesy and of course with bacon, it was a piece of Heaven posing as a bread stick. With every sinful crispy bite, there were many flavours (peppery, cheesy and bacony) and textures at play.  I also gave their Blueberry Lemonade a try and it was very impactful with a noticeable tartness.  There didn't seem to be an overload of sugar while the blueberries served as a mild addition.  And while I was waiting for my wraps, I decided to eat dessert first (which is not really a strange phenomenon, especially during Dim Sum).  Their Bourbon Bacon Brownie was a flavour explosion in my mouth.  The immediate hit of bourbon and sweetness from the sauce was tempered by the bacon.  Yet overall, the rich brownie combined with the caramel yielded an overly sweet dessert.

Onto the wraps, I had the Pig LT consisting of double-smoked bacon, tomato, avocado, farmhouse cheddar, bacon & maple mayo and greens.  This enormous concoction was well-made as my first bite afforded a big smoky crunch from the ample amount of thick bacon.  The sharp cheddar was a nice accent to the smooth avocado while the maple mayo added just the right amount of sweetness.  At first, I was a bit annoyed with all the arugula, but it did serve a purpose as it helped lighten the otherwise heavy wrap.  Oh and the grilled flatbread was soft while maintaining its integrity to the last bite.  I also got Viv the Southern Piggy made with double-smoked bacon, bourbon BBQ sauce, grilled peppers, corn, cheddar, chipotle and greens. Getting past the same crunchy bacon, the star of the wrap was the chipotle as it as spicy and super impactful.  The pop of the sweet corn combined with the sweetness of the peppers helped temper the flavours a bit. All I can say about the food I tried is why did it take me so long?

The Good:
- If you love bacon...
- Well-prepared eats

The Bad:
- Food takes awhile when there is a lineup (but worth it IMO)

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Unknown said...

Wow Sherman I was literally salivating while reading this post... definitely going to have to track this cart down someday with my bacon-loving son!

Whipping Girl said...

I'm glad you finally made it to Pig on the Street. What took you so long?!?!?! ;-)

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