Sherman's Food Adventures: Grain Tasting Bar

Grain Tasting Bar

Not too long ago, where Grain Tasting Bar currently stands, there was an old dark bar.  I remember going there once.  It was an old dark bar.  Thankfully, somebody figured out that it wasn't exactly a hot place to hang out.  Now with a renovated space that is both modern and open, it benefits from the large windows that affords the place with plenty of natural light. To compliment the existing tapas menu they now offer brunch, specifically Benedicts.

I was invited to go try their specialty Benedicts and I brought along the family since I could not possibly eat 5 of them myself (unlike Alvin).  However, by virtue of being a bar, we could not actually eat there and ended up heading upstairs instead.  We started with the Dungeness Crab with tomato, lemon and fresh herbs.  I found the eggs to be poached properly being runny.  The crab was fluffy and light but I wasn't sure if the tomato was necessary (it was pretty though).  The Hollandaise was creamy and flavourful, yet could've used a touch more lemon.  Next up was the Oyama featuring Pamplona chorizo, red wine prosciutto and arugula.  As expected, this was on the saltier side due to the cured meats with a nice hit of spice from the chorizo.  It is worth noting that one egg was not runny in this dish.

Next up was the Smoked Tomato Bruschetta made with G.B.E Farms tomatoes and aged balsamic vinegar.  Naturally, this was the one token vegetarian offering on the Benedict menu.  Hence, I was only mildly interested because I love meat.  Viv, being the devil's advocate thought it was a lighter choice where the fresh tomatoes brightened up the dish.  I didn't get much smokiness even though the tomatoes were smoked.  For the kids, they shared the Grilled Chicken consisting of Barnston Island Spinach, avocado and diced tomato.  There was an abundance of ripe avocado and wilted spinach to compliment the grilled chicken.  However, the chicken was a bit dry and lacking in seasoning.

Lastly, we were presented with the Prime Rib topped with blue cheese, pickled onions, horseradish and fried onions.  This was the most substantial version with a thick slice of super moist prime rib.  The 2 applications of onion added crunch and zip to the dish.  We wished there was more blue cheese though.  Overall, we thought the Benedicts were good with something for everyone.  The one-price-for-all was a bit confusing though as the crab and prime rib were clearly worth the $15.00, but not the bruschetta.

*All food and beverages were comped, but not gratuities*

The Good:
- Substantial amount of food
- Reasonable pricing considering the venue and location
- Comfortable digs

The Bad:
- Not sure if one price-for-all is a good idea

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