Sherman's Food Adventures: H-Mart (North Road)

H-Mart (North Road)

Despite being full-blown Chinese (unless there is something I am unaware of), I often get mistaken for Korean.  Hey, no problems with that since I love Korean food, but tell that to the restaurant employees.  I can only give a blank stare when they speak to me.  I look either really dumb or someone who has lost the ability to speak the language. And yes, that is what happened when I recently went to pick up some take out at H-Mart - I looked like a really confused Korean.

Anyways, I ended up picking up a few items including a Lunch Box which included Kim Bap, Tteokbokki and Soondae.  Although a bit haphazardly-prepared, the kim bap was alright with decent ingredients.  The rice was a bit dry though.  As for the rice cake, it was also okay with a chewy soft texture.  The sauce was a bit weird though being more creamy than spicy.  The soondae was a bit too dry for my tastes but the blood had a decent texture. As a side, I added a side of Dak Kang Jung made with chicken wings.  Since they were sitting in a chaffing tray, the wings were not particularly crispy anymore, but the sauce was okay, being mostly sweet.

Lastly, I picked up some Japchae which was a healthy portion for the price.  I found the noodles still chewy and mildly flavoured (not being too sweet).  The ingredients were modest, yet adequate.  If I had to compare, H-Mart does a better job with their food in relation to T&T with their Chinese food.  Hence, for the price, I'd grab some takeout from H-Mart again.

The Good:
- Well-priced
- Decent eats

The Bad:
- A bit limited in selection
- Depending on your luck, you may need to communicate by pointing

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