Sherman's Food Adventures: WCompany Oktoberfest Cooking Class

WCompany Oktoberfest Cooking Class

In a time when restaurants are trying to separate themselves from each other, we are beginning to see a shift to alternative forms of dining.  For instance, we saw the rise of secret supper clubs such as Swallow Tail and the explosion of food carts.  Of course food tours have become popular as well as cook-your-own-food classes.  Now we have another form in and interactive cooking class offered by WCompany.  I was invited, along with other media, to check out their Oktoberfest session.

Located in a nondescript building near Clark and Hastings, WCompany looks impressive on the inside.  I was welcomed by a well-stocked kitchen and a "classy" dining space.  After a brief introduction by Chef Waldemar Bilski, he of 15 years of transatlantic experience, we were treated to house-brewed German Hefeweizen with Sausage Bites & Pretzel.  I found the pretzel to be firm and chewy with a slightly crunchy outer shell. With a healthy dose of butter, it added nuttiness and moisture.  The sausage had a good snap while being moist and soft with only a touch of meat texture.  I could clearly see and taste the herbs.

Next, the chef did a Spatzle making demonstration which I was involuntarily offered up to participate.  Making the spatzle by hand was an interesting exercise and sadly I butchered the sauteeing aspect of the dish.  I can do it with my own fry pan (it's the truth!). Luckily, the chef made some perfectly shaped spatzle for the main dish consisting of Sauerbraten, roasted potatoes, red cabbage and sauerkraut.  As expected, the whole dish exhibited a sour and tart theme including the sauerbraten which was tender but still retaining a meaty resistance. I particularly liked the fluffy potatoes that had been crisped up with lots of butter.

As a bonus, we were served a large piece of Potato Noodle which was dense but not dry.  The exterior benefited from the ample use of butter which gave a nutty flavour.  I thought there was a little too much salt though.  For dessert, we were served a Black Forest Cake in a jar.  I liked how this was a lighter version which was airy and mildly sweet.  The cherries at the botttom added a nice zip to the dessert. From my experience at WCompany, it is clear that the main draw is the sum of all parts as it offers entertainment, a social venue and interactiveness.  The food was fine, but partly due to the menu did not showcase Chef Waldemar's international experience.  However, I still had a good time and that is the whole point.

*Note - Meal and drinks were comped*

The Good:
- Interactive
- Something different
- Nice venue inside

The Bad:
- It won't come cheap ($80.00), but then again, you get the whole place

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