Sherman's Food Adventures: 50's Prime Time Cafe (Walt Disney World)

50's Prime Time Cafe (Walt Disney World)

With us being stuck at Disney's Hollywood Studios for lunch, we bit the bullet again and shelled out the big bucks to eat at 50's Prime Time Cafe.  At the very least, the kids were having a good time at the Toy Story ride which was essentially a glorified animated shooting corral.  Seemingly simple, this was one of our favourite rides at WDW. Back to the restaurant, the main draw is its 50's decor emulating "mom's kitchen" complete with black & white TVs playing the classics.  Furthermore, the menu featured some pretty typical 50's dinners.

Instead of ordering the boring kid's meals, we decided to get some items to share as a table.  We started with the Fried Herb and Garlic Cheese on raspberry sauce.  It wasn't stated on the menu as Boursin, but it sure tasted like they fried a puck of it with herb breading.  In that sense, it was good with it's signature taste and soft texture which contrasted the crunchy breading.  I'm still not sure about the sauce, but it didn't offend.  We also had the Chicken Noodle Soup which was nothing special.  There was the usual ingredients such as pasta, carrots, celery and chicken in a bouillon-laced broth.  Okay I suppose.

For Viv, she went for the Chicken Pot Pie that came as a very generous portion with big chunks of chicken.  The white meat was predictably chewier than the dark meat.  I found the gravy to be rather light for a pot pie as it was not too thick nor too floury.  In terms of taste, it was sweet and okay on the salt.  For myself, I couldn't decide, so I went for A Sampling of Mom's Favorite Recipes including fried chicken, pot roast and meatloaf.  It was served with veggies, mash potatoes and gravy.  The best item on the plate was the fried chicken in my opinion.  The meat was relatively moist (while not juicy though) and well-seasoned.  The skin was fried nicely being not-too-fatty and crispy.  It tasted somewhat like a watered-down KFC (which was a good thing).  The pot roast was pretty decent being moist and not too stringy.  Good rich meat flavour though.  The meatloaf was moist and meaty while being very easy to chew.  Flavours were muted though as I couldn't pick out anything other than salt and ketchup. Again, nothing ground-breaking but decent eats nonetheless.  This was a pretty expensive meal though.

The Good:
- Food is a bit more interesting than counter-service
- Loved the decor
- Loved the themed-service

The Bad:
- As expected, expensive
- Okay food, but not worth the price

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