Sherman's Food Adventures: Three Broomsticks (Universal Islands of Adventure)

Three Broomsticks (Universal Islands of Adventure)

Initially, we were scheduled to stay at Disney World for a whole week as our original plans did not include Universal Studios.  However, during the time between planning the trip and actually going on it, my son developed a love for Harry Potter.  Therefore, we had to shoehorn one day at the Islands of Adventure in order to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.  I must say that they have done a really good job with the place, especially the Forbidden Journey ride.  But after almost losing my breakfast on the ride, we decided to try some of the food at Three Broomsticks.

I decided to get The Cornish Pasties which were okay, especially considering the reasonable price of $7.99 with side salad.  These were filled with a slightly dry ground beef filling which was more or less quite mild.  The pastry itself was not exactly flaky and airy, but it was okay nonetheless.  The kid's Fish & Chips were surprisingly decent with a nice crunchy exterior while there was relatively flaky halibut inside.  This portion was enough for an adult as there were 2 pieces (as opposed to the 3-piece full sized version).  The wedges were forgettable though as they were soggy and limp.  Not gonna say much about the Mac n' Cheese as it was pretty typical.

Now for the good stuff...  The Pumpkin Juice was pretty refreshing as it was a citrusy fruit juice with pumpkin puree.  It was sweet with very little tang and it definitely was better cold.  Not much in the way of pumpkin flavour though (which was a good thing).  How about Butter Beer?  Well, one could have it one of two ways - either in liquid form or frozen.  We had it frozen which would keep colder for a longer period of time.  Both versions were topped with a marshmallow foam to emulate beer head.  The overall flavour profile of the drink was somewhere in between vanilla and very weak root beer (without the fizz).  It was definitely sweet, but not overly so.  Not bad. Once again, we were subjected to theme park food, albeit reasonably-priced and decent.

The Good:
- Didn't feel ripped off
- Interesting drinks based on Harry Potter

The Bad:
- Gets busy at peak times, seats fill up
- Food is priced okay, but specialty drinks are pricey

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