Sherman's Food Adventures: The Plaza Restaurant (Walt Disney World)

The Plaza Restaurant (Walt Disney World)

Initially, when we had planned our trip to Walt Disney World, I vowed to not eat at any of their restaurants.  The thought of slapping down ridiculous amounts of money on mediocre food violated my food blogging morals.  However, we chose to remain in the Magical Kingdom for the entire day (which meant 15 hours), so we really had no choice but to experience some of Uncle Walt's food.  A quick google search (thanks for the free wifi  Uncle Walt!) revealed that the best sit down deal was at The Plaza Restaurant, hence, it was where we headed for some A/C relief.

Viv had the Cheesesteak Sandwich and it looked alright with the usual ingredients of thinly-sliced beef, peppers, onions and cheese.  And in reality, it was fine, especially considering it was only $11.99 (remember, this was in WDW).  However, if we needed to nitpick, it was far too salty and really, that is all she could taste.  The same could be said about my Meatloaf Meal with red skin garlic mash potatoes, corn and gravy.  The overarching seasoning was just plain salt.  As much as the meatloaf itself was a healthy portion (ironic I know) of 2 large pieces, it was not that memorable of a dish.  To be fair, the meat was pretty moist with a few meaty parts and a bit of barley mixed in.  The mash was decent, but the salty gravy did it in.

For the kiddies, they had the kid's meals which included a drink, entree and dessert.  My daughter ended up with the Turkey Sandwich and well, it was a turkey sandwich, but shaped like Mickey.  At least they put quite a bit of meat in it and the side of grapes was more than generous.  My son had the Cheeseburger and again, it was a cheeseburger.  The bun was soft though and the meat was not too chewy.  The fries were pretty good though being super crunchy and thick. A choice of beverage and dssert was included with each of their meals as well.  My daughter had the Sliced Strawberries while my son had the Cookies and Milk. In the end, the food was pretty regular stuff, but the prices were reasonable, especially since it was in the Magical Kingdom.

The Good:
- Relatively inexpensive for Disney
- You can sit, relax and enjoy the A/C

The Bad:
- Pretty run-of-the-mill food
- Limited menu

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