Sherman's Food Adventures: Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen

Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen

Not wanting to do the overpriced theme park food thing again, we decided to rely on snacks to make to the end of the day - not particularly the best idea when dealing with 2 hungry and tired kiddies. So we sustained ourselves on Cheez-Its and Blue Diamond almonds when we really should've been eating dinner.  Therefore, we took the easier route possible when returning to our hotel and stopped by Popeye's for some takeout.

I've had the stuff before at home (before they closed it) and in San Jose.  I can't say it was all the memorable despite their loyal following.  Since it has been awhile, it was as good of a time to try it again. We ended up with the family meal that came with 6 Biscuits.  These were a bit crisp on the outside and fluffy within.  They were a bit salty though.  In addition, I got a side order of Popcorn Shrimp which was a bit small for the price.  They were crunchy though with a slight kick.  Not bad, but hardly worth it.

Onto the main event, the Fried Chicken pieces were a mix of white and dark meat.  All were pretty big in size and fried until super crunchy.  Naturally, the white meat was not as juicy as the dark meat, but at the very least, it wasn't completely dry.  I thought the chicken as well as the batter was properly seasoned.  For the included sides, we got Coleslaw and Mash Potatoes & Gravy.  I particularly liked the gravy as it had nice meaty bits and had some spice.  If my memory serves me right, this was a far better experience than the last time and at the very least, Popeye's is a good alternative to KFC (in my opinion).

The Good:
- Chicken skin is crunchy and well-seasoned
- Chicken is not dry
- Good sides

The Bad:
- Not exactly cheap
- A bit salty

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