Sherman's Food Adventures: Earl of Sandwich

Earl of Sandwich

Eating anything at Walt Disney World is generally best described as highway robbery.  Depending on which restaurant, it may not be a culinary experience either.  Hence, I had Earl of Sandwich on my itinerary to give us a less costly option for eats.  Furthermore, it seemed like a good value considering the high ratings on various websites.  Unfortunately, I parked at the farthest point from where it is located in Downtown Disney which meant we had to listen to our kids whine all the way there.

We decided to go for 4 sammies (actually it was me who decided) including the Earl's Club made with turkey, bacon, Swiss, sandwich sauce, lettuce & tomato.  This typical and simple sandwich was decent with plenty of ingredients including lots of meat.  What made it better than the average was the bread.  It was slightly crusty on the outside, but plenty soft on the inside without being mushy or too dense.  I went for the Full Montagu consisting of roasted beef, turkey, Swiss, sharp cheddar, lettuce, tomato & mustard sauce.  The highlight of this sammie, beyond the bread, was the super tender and moist real roast beef.  It was buttery soft while tasting like, well, roast beef.

We also tried the Holiday Turkey with all the fixins'.  It included turkey, stuffing, cranberry and gravy.  Suffice to say, this was a messy proposition.  However, that was the point of it all with a turkey dinner in a sandwich.  With the plethora of thick gravy and stuffing, the whole thing was a bit salty though.  Finally, we got the Tuna Melt with albacore tuna salad (celery and onions) and a tonne of Swiss.  Another messy eat, but that meant there was more than enough tuna to overflow the sides.  This was pretty good as there was just enough mayo and other ingredients to compliment.

For dessert, we got a Brownie and it was surprisingly good.  The outside was crispy while the inside was chocolaty and chewy.  It was sweet but overly so.  This meal including 2 drinks was under $30.00 and we were stuffed.  Although the sandwiches weren't life-altering (and not many things are), they were very good especially for the price.  Definitely a cost-efficient and tasty option for WDW.

The Good:
- Inexpensive
- Lots of fillings
- Good bread

The Bad:
- Located at the end of Downtown Disney, you have to park at the end or it's a walk

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Cheryl said...

I ate at there at the California Disneyland location. Best decision ever. Really good sandwiches at a decent price.

Sherman Chan said...

@Cheryl Yup, good simple and cheap. Hard to come by at WDW...

1hlfcrckd said...

Disney has 2 parking decks now. And soon the 3rd which is located near the Marketplace area where The Earl Of Sandwich is, will open. I think Disney should inform guests where the most convenient place to park will be for the location you choose to dine at, at Disney Springs. It is a very large place and would be helpful. However if you are at a park and you want to go down there to dine, they provide free bus transportation one way from all the theme parks. So parking might not be necessary. If you are staying at one of the many Disney resorts there is free bus transportation back to your resort which runs very often! And the drop off and pick up is located pretty near the middle of Disney Springs.

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