Sherman's Food Adventures: Sweet Tomatoes

Sweet Tomatoes

Often, whilst on vacation, the likelihood of running into a fresh fruit or vegetable is as good as another meaningful American Pie movie (or a tasteful Miley Cyrus performance).  Hence I was on a mission to rid ourselves of this unhealthy condition.  Enter Sweet Tomatoes.  No, we didn't go down to the nearest grocery store and pick up some raw tomatoes to eat (my son would have an immediate gag reflex in that case).  Rather, we made our way to a unique buffet that could be considered somewhat healthy.  With all the soups, salads and other items you can eat for under $10.00, it was refreshing to find a meal that would not be in a shade of brown.

The first thing to great us was an extensively long line of freshly made salads, veggies and fruit. In fact, the Caesar Salad dressing was somewhat freshly made (the creamy Worcestershire was pre-prepared).  After I loaded up my plate with these strange things called vegetables (really fresh and aesthetically-pleasing), I was pleasantly surprised to see a house-made blue cheese dressing.  It was chunky, fresh-tasting and thick. I also liked how they kept everything stocked all-the-time.

Prominently featured, the 8 different soups available were made from scratch.  I tried the Chicken Noodle and unlike many restaurant versions, it was not yellow with dried parsley floating around.  Instead, it was clear with big chunks of chicken and noodles.  It was not salty at all and had the natural taste of...  wait for it...  chicken.  Novel concept eh?  Chicken soup tasting like real chicken soup! I also thought the Creamy Corn Chowder to be pretty good as well.  It was rich, but not overly so and full of plump sweet corn and tender potatoes.  The Spicy Sausage with Orecchiette was probably my favourite as it was flavourful without being salty and had a definite kick.  The sausage was both plentiful and meaty while the pasta could've been a little less dense.  I liked how they skimmed the grease before serving. In addition to soups and salads, there was a section with some heartier offerings such as Baked Potato, Flatbread and Pastas.

In addtion to some muffins, cornbread, brownies and other breads, there was a dessert section consisting of Chocolate Mousse, Tapioca Pudding, Fruit and Ice Cream. Although none of the food blew us away, we were impressed at the overall quality for the price.  Definitely a good alternative to expensive theme park fare or greasy fast food.

The Good:
- Somewhat healthier alternative
- Well-priced
- Fresh

The Bad:
- Could lack substance for big eaters

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