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Surrey Food Bank

Having a food blog where I chronicle my daily eating adventures is an example of how lucky I am as an individual.  Unlike some of the less fortunate, I don't worry about my next meal or whether I have a place to sleep at night.  Instead, I eat some of the best food that Vancouver has to offer.  This post has been a long time coming because volunteering at the Surrey Food Bank has been an annual event for myself.  I truly believe we must remember the ones that aren't as lucky.  These people are just like you and me.  They hold down a job, have a family and are contributing members of society.  However, with the high cost of living in Greater Vancouver, there are times when a bit of support is needed.  In fact, many people are only a pay cheque or two away from needing assistance.

Being a non-profit, charitable organization, the Surrey Food Bank relies on donations of money and food to operate.  With no government funding, it can be quite challenging at times when demand is high.  Hence, we can all help by donating food, money and our time.  But food is only one component as there is a need for toiletries and most importantly diapers and baby formula.  Since there are no actual corporate donations for formula, the food bank must purchase a stockpile to service their clients. Again, as mentioned above, the clients of the Surrey Food Bank are regular folk who must provide proof of address (Surrey not including South Surrey/White Rock but with depots in Delta, Newton and Cloverdale) and proof of low-income.  With all the expenses such as rent, phone, transportation and clothing, there is generally not a whole lot left for food.

So what can you do to help out?  Simple, you can volunteer at the Surrey Food Bank, donate directly, do food/fund drives or third-party events.  Even the smallest donation can make a difference.  As we go about our busy lives, it is easy to forget those who are less fortunate than us.  I hope all of us can take a minute, remember how lucky we are and possibly do something to make a difference.


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