Sherman's Food Adventures: Lucky Buffet

Lucky Buffet

Buffets and the United States.  They seem to go hand-in-hand.  As a result, I fall under the spell and make my way to the nearest one whenever I'm there.  Or maybe it is merely the fact I'm out of town and there is no one to catch me being a pig.  Yes, that's it.  I won't be embarrassed or make excuses for my attraction to mediocre food served in large chaffing trays where people hoard all the good stuff.  Wait, then why am I blogging about it?  Doh...

So, let me size up the situation.  We were staying in Everett for the Labour Day weekend and like a moth to a flame, I was attracted to the nearest buffet - which happened to be Lucky Buffet.  Yet another Asian-theme all-you-can-eat, the place was plain massive with a wide range of eats.  On a really large sushi boat, there was peel n' eat shrimp, oysters on the half-shell and some salad.  Nearby, there was a sushi bar with various rolls and side dishes (including kimchi, seaweed salad, tofu, marinated egg and squid.  I found the sushi rolls to be sub par with bland dry gummy rice while the sides were even worse.  The kimchi was particularly awful being pale and salty.

After that, there were 6 full hot buffet stations that featured almost everything one could think of.  These included crab, fried shrimp, sole, crawfish, scallops, Kiwi mussels, salmon, clams, honey shrimp, Chinese BBQ ribs, fried rice, fried noodle, Chinese dishes, pork hock, fried plantains, soups, Dim Sum, BBQ ribs, pizza, corn, garlic bread, snails, stuffed mushrooms and a bunch of fried items.  Yes, if you think this was an eclectic array of eats, I did too.  Nothing particularly stood out as good but most things were edible.  I didn't think the crab was particularly fresh, but the clams were plump though.  For me, most of the food was either too bland or too sweet (mostly the Chinese food).

Thankfully, they had a Mongolian grill section where you could choose your veggies, meats and noodles.  It was freshly prepared with choice of sauces.  Despite the beef being a bit chewy (and being overdone), the plate of food was piping hot and fresh.  Right next door to the grill was as much pop as one could drink.  Moreover, there was a choice of 8 different hard ice creams.  And it didn't stop there, as there was a whole section dedicated to desserts consisting of fruit, jello, cookies and cake.  No, nothing was made in house (well, except for the fruit gelatin) and hence, I really didn't eat any other than the fruit.  However, to be fair, the whole point of Lucky Buffet is to fill one up for a relatively reasonable price.  That it did and the kids seem to enjoy themselves.  I would say the food was pretty average overall, but nothing was exactly inedible either.

The Good:
- Holy selection Batman!
- Spacious
- Food was refilled promptly

The Bad:
- Average eats
- A bit chaotic
- Collection of dirty plates was slow


LotusRapper said...

So did ya get lucky, Sherman ?

JMH said...

Why would you even consider eating there. I am no food snob but that sounds revolting.

LotusRapper said...

@JMH - for the kids. For the kids .....

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