Sherman's Food Adventures: Fresgo Inn

Fresgo Inn

The Fresgo Inn.  Ah, it brings back such good memories.  Greasy diner food served in large enough portions to make one forget they were pretty much plastered.  Yes, that was one of the late night options for the Downtown party crowd on Davie Street.  Sadly, that location closed awhile ago, leaving the Surrey spot the only place to get such eats.  I guess only inebriated Surrey party goers can experience such gut-busting delicacies now.

For me, I party like it's 1999.  As in I haven't partied much since 1999.  Hence, it was a lunch visit to Fresgo Inn this time around.  And much like last time, the Red Clam Chowder was pretty strange.  It was obviously thickened by a roux, but the whole thing separated in the chaffing tray.  Hence, there were little clumps of thickened broth within watery soup. On the positive side, there were lots of tender baby clams and veggies.  Flavourwise, it was pretty mild with just a bit of clam juice. One of their best deals is the Burger Special and Yodeling Girl had issues finishing it.  With 2 large beef patties, bacon, cheese and all the fixins', the burger was plain massive.  Although nothing outstanding, it was better than the average burger.  The fresh cut fries were a treat though being lightly crisp.

Consisting of 2 slices and 2 uniformly shaped scoops of mashed potatoes (interesting plating...), the Meatloaf was a substantial portion.  Although it was smothered in thick gravy, the entire dish was actually quite mild.  The gravy itself was less flavourful than it appeared as it provided moisture more than taste.  Soft and only slightly meaty, the meatloaf was moist.  I found the mash potatoes a bit too firm though.  Mrs. Spray Bottle ended up with the Clubhouse.  Yes, it was enormous too.  Stuffed with real turkey, crispy bacon and fresh fixin's this was a solid clubhouse.  Paired with the same house cut fries, there was not much complaining about the price due to the portion size.

On another visit, I decided to try their Spaghetti & Meatballs.  For under $10.00, I wasn't expecting much.  In reality, the plate of pasta was pretty mediocre since it was far from al dente and the sauce was pretty bland.  But dang, that was a big plate of food and the meatballs...  they were impressively monstrous. I found them decently soft, yet a bit bland.  Honestly, I really shouldn't do much complaining considering most items are $10.00 or less.  The portions are so massive, the BC Lions eat here after practice.  Enough said.

The Good:
- Massive portions for the price
- Not great food, but more than edible
- Lots of choice

The Bad:
- Hey, it's cafeteria food, won't impress some food snobs
- Place in need of a renovation

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LotusRapper said...

What .... there's a Fresgo Inn in Surrey ?!? [grabs coat & keys]

I frequented the one on Davie during univ. days (gigantic mushroom burger & fries for $5 !!) since they were open 24/7. What better place to get ultra cheap, filling (and fresh) food at 1:30am after studying than at Fresgo's, eh ? Gotta go check this place out. Thanks Sherman :-D

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