Sherman's Food Adventures: Fat Duck

Fat Duck

When visiting food carts, one must have patience and persistence - much like driving in Richmond...  By virtue of their "mobileness", one can be left out in the cold (literally and figuratively) if something unpredictable happens (such as truck issues, staffing and catering jobs).  Sure, one can check Twitter to see where they are for the day, but that may not be an exact science either. I've had my fair share of disappointments when it has come to visiting food trucks, but I never give up because you never know if you're missing out on a gem.  That gem just might be Fat Duck...

I tried the Dirty Rice Bowl first.  It was chock full of confit duck, crispy pork belly, cabbage, tomato & fennel preserve and kung pao sauce on top of rice finished with a sunny side egg and scallions.  With the mess (hence dirty rice) of ingredients, there was a little of everything - including spicy, sweet, tart, salty and of course fatty meat.  Therefore, it was definitely not bland.  In fact, I thought the pork belly was a touch salty.  However, it was prepared really well with a melt-in-my-mouth texture while crisped up nicely on the outside.  Next up was the Pork Belly Sandwich with chipotle mayo, tomato & fennel preserve and arugula.  Consisting of similar ingredients as the rice, it was familiar tasting.  Despite being a bit dense, the bun was toasted nicely where it had a soft & crunchy thing going on.  Again, there was a mix of flavours and I felt that the tartness of the preserve helped cut the heaviness of the pork belly.  Interestingly, the belly was not as salty in the sandwich.

Lastly, I had the Duck Confit "Philly Style" Sandwich dressed with marinated mushrooms, Swiss cheese, Parm-truffle mayo and pickled red onions.  Meaty while tender, the shreds of duck meat had a natural flavour and plenty of duck essence.  I thought the salt content was just right while the accompaniments such as the pickled onions added a nice acidity.  A tasty concoction aided by the side of crunchy chips with chipotle mayo.  As I mentioned in the intro, I do think we have a gem on our hands.

The Good:
- Food that you want to eat
- Pretty decent value considering the ingredients

The Bad:
- Food is pretty rich (but a good too!)
- Limited items (which can also be a positive as well)

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