Sherman's Food Adventures: Zako's Deli

Zako's Deli

*Restaurant now closed*

For something seemingly so "Canadian", it is pretty difficult to find places to get good Montreal Smoked Meat Sandwiches in the GVRD.  Sure, there is Dunn's in Downtown, but if you really think of it, there are not a whole lot of other choices, unless you want to head out to Estrella's in Langley (remember, I'm talking about the real thing, not some supermarket deli smoked meat...).  There is one that I knew of and finally got a chance to try - the place is Zako's Deli.

For some odd reason, I got the Steamers which were 2 hot dogs with coleslaw on top.  Yes, since my eating companion was already having the smoked meat sammie, I had to try some thing different. Well...  these were 2 hot dogs...  Since they were called steamers, I was a little confused why the bun was not steamed (or steamed poorly).  Not sure what I was thinking...  Anyways, I also had the Poutine which was a bit disappointing as the cheese curds had no squeak to speak of.  The fries were okay but not a crispy as I would've liked.  The gravy was thick and mild. 

You didn't think I'd try Zako's without a Montreal Smoked Meat Sandwich right?  I got one to go and really, the meat was just alright.  I found it almost too tender where there was a lack of meatiness.  It did taste okay though with the usual brining spices without being too salty.  Overall, I thought the everything was okay but nothing I'd rush back to revisit.

The Good:
- Reasonably-priced
- Friendly owner and staff

The Bad:
- Stuff is okay, but there is better (such as Estrella's and La Belle Patate)
- Better get takeout, it's a small place

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