Sherman's Food Adventures: Dempster's DIY Sandwich Contest

Dempster's DIY Sandwich Contest

Ah yes, the sad ol' sandwich.  I remember you.  Back in my Elementary years, I would be so hungry just before lunch hour to only take a look in my bag and see a...  ham and cheese sandwich.  How boring and ultimately not very tasty.  Dempster's intends to change that with the DIY Sandwich Contest.  For me, I'm putting in an entry that combines some of my favourite ingredients between 2 slices of bread.

If you don't know what the heck I'm talking about, check out this link on Youtube for a lesson on sandwich building. Or better yet, get some inspiration from Instagram or take a look on Twitter.  For myself, I wanted to an Asian take on the plain ol' sandwich.  I pickled some sliced cucumbers with vinegar and sugar, shredded some iceberg lettuce and made some srirracha sesame oil mayo with a side of hoisin sauce.  I sliced up some BBQ duck breast and roast pork (removed the crackling and chopped it up).  Put it altogether on Dempster's Signature Homestyle Sesame white bread.

Oh yeah, the fattiness of the pork and duck with the crunchiness of the cracklings were accented nicely by the acidity and sweetness from the cucumbers.  Add a bit of aromatics and spiciness from the mayo and the added sweetness from the hoisin, we had a tasty sandwich.  Not sure if it will win, but I ate the whole thing.  Why don't you try to make your own epic sandwich?


Steve said...

I wonder who the Celebrity Head Judge will be? - perhaps, Dagwood Bumstead?

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