Sherman's Food Adventures: Speed's Neighbourhood Pub

Speed's Neighbourhood Pub

Sometimes pubs get a bad rap.  Sure, many of them serve the main purpose of offering beverages without much regard for food.  Then there is the gastropub that attempts to fuse inebriation with elevated pub fare.  Yet, if one was under the influence, wouldn't most food taste good?  I mean, if everyone suddenly became 100% more attractive, what does that say about one's judgement in general after several drinks?  Kickin' it ol' skool, Zamboni Guy and Princess Leia joined me in a visit to Speed's Neighbourhood Pub in Ladner.

When I say ol' skool, try to imagine somewhere Billy Joel would play the Piano Man complete with the same type of clientele including the old man making love to his tonic & gin... If you don't get that reference, Youtube it...  Hey, that was before my time too!  Anyways, Zamboni Guy ended up with the BBQ Burger complete with sauce, crispy bacon and lotsa pickles.  It was a fairly average offering where the meat wasn't too dry. Although we applaud them for doing house-cut fries. They were not crispy enough though.  Princess Leia had the ever-exciting Chicken Wrap.  And as such, it was pretty standard.  At least the chicken was still moist while the veggies fresh.

For myself, I had the 2 PC Halibut & Chips.  For halibut, it was mighty flaky and moist.  It was almost cod-like.  I found the batter to be someone moist (with an infusion of dill), yet crispy enough on the outside.  Again, the fries were fresh-cut, but not particularly crunchy.  It could've stood for a double-fry job.  Okay, remember when I mentioned the gastropub?  Well Speed's ain't it.  You'll probably need to down a few for the food to be considered tasty.

The Good:
- Inexpensive
- Friendly enough service

The Bad:
- So-so food
- Decor needs a refresh

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