Sherman's Food Adventures: Blowfish Sushi

Blowfish Sushi

"I want Japanese food", was the demand made by my son.  Heck, where have I heard this before?  But what he really meant was - he wanted ebi tempura and some udon.  Yes, not exactly a true representation of the cuisine, however, I'll take it.  His eating diversity rivals that of a yak except he hates everything green.  Then that would make him a very hungry yak as they only eat greens!  Anyways, we stopped by Blowfish Sushi to satisfy his royal highness...

Crispy, light and lacking in grease, the Ebi Tempura, to the delight of my son, was on point.  It retained a crunch even after dipping into the overly sweet mirin and soy concoction. We had to fight him for the last 2 pieces. As evidenced in the picture, we felt that they sliced the fish too thin for the Chirashi Don. Hence, it may have looked like a lot of sashimi, but it really wasn't. Despite that, the selection, including salmon, tuna, hamachi, tako and saba, was fresh and texturally sound.  I thought the rice was a bit dry and a bit too mild in flavour. 

As a result, that also meant the House Roll suffered the same fate as the rice fell off in parts.  However, that could've been partly due to the thin layer as well.  We liked that because there was more filling that rice.  The ingredients were fine consisting of ripe avocado, crisp cucumber and fresh-tasting salmon and tuna. Our second roll, the Salmon River, was quite good. Constructed of cooked salmon and avocado with smoked salmon on the outside, it was the dressing that made the dish.  It was a balanced vinaigrette that featured enough acidity to bring the flavours alive.

Emulating an order of yam tempura but not, the Yam Fries were really good.  The thin, crunch layer of batter served to provide an wonderful textural contrast to the soft, sweet yam.  One of the better versions I've had, but the side of Thousand Islands-like dressing sucked.  Lastly, the Yaki Udon exhibited a decent stirfry where there was just enough sauce for moisture and flavour. On the other hand, the chicken was overcooked being a bit chewy and dry.  Despite some flaws, we still enjoyed our meal at Blowfish.  It is a quaint place with decent eats complete with friendly service.

The Good:
- Careful preparation of eats
- Friendly service

The Bad:
- A little skimpy with the thin slices of sashimi
- Parking lot is narrow and sometimes full

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