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JDR's Cafe

Alright.  What if I told you about a restaurant where you can buy lottery tickets, have a donut and a salad roll whilst drinking bubble tea.  And what if this restaurant is located in Tsawwassen?  Yes, all of this can be had at JDR's Cafe and no, this is not a joke.  I'm not even sure how to categorize this place.  But Bubbly convinced me to pay it a visit and ironically, to give their bubble teas a go.

Well, to be completely frank, I really shouldn't have ordered any bubble teas.  I ended up with a Strawberry Slush with pearls and a Mango Slush with coconut jelly.  One sip of the strawberry and whoomp there it is...  instant high blood sugar.  Insulin anyone?  It tasted like liquid candy much like the strawberry on a Pocky stick.  The Mango didn't fare any better resembling a more potent version of instant mango pudding.  Far too sweet and far too artificial tasting.  It makes Bubble World taste like the best stuff on Earth in comparison.

Fortunately, I ordered a Viet Chicken Sub to go for kicks and it was actually pretty good despite my reservations (and the fail of the bubble teas).  The bread was toasted nice and crisp while the grilled chicken was moist and flavourful.  Add in some pickled daikon and carrots (which were a touch too sweet), mayo, jalapeno and cilantro, it was a flavourful sandwich.  I was planning on going back to try their breakfast, but really, that wouldn't have been interesting anyways.  Let's just say I won't be returning anytime soon for the bubble tea...

The Good:
- Cheap
- Friendly people
- An eclectic mix of stuff

The Bad:
- If you consider sugar and food colouring a tasting drink

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LotusRapper said...

"sugar and food colouring a tasting drink"

Isn't that like 95% of fruity soft drinks out there ?!? ;-)

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