Sherman's Food Adventures: Knight & Day

Knight & Day

This was my opportunity.  The chance to suggest a revisit to a restaurant that nobody wanted part of.  With only Lionel Hutz and Milhouse available for late night eats, I uttered the offensive words, "how about Knight & Day?".  Pure silence.  The utter shock and stunned expressions illustrated the prevailing sentiment.  Hey, I really wanted to eat it again just for kicks and to  get my fill of mystery meat covered by a brown sauce.

But before that desire for universal gravy over meat, I tried their Manhattan Clam Chowder first.  In a large overflowing bowl, I was treated to a heavily flour-thickened broth of watered-down tomato soup with ingredients here and there.  It was passable as a cafeteria-style soup with little-to-no clam taste.  I fulfilled my goal of gravy and meat with the Veal Cutlets with mash potatoes, veggies and garlic bread.  The relatively thick cutlets were meaty and surprisingly moist.  It was chewy in spots while the exterior was lightly crisp.  The gravy tasted exactly like it appeared being salty, thick and not very meaty.  The mash was lukewarm and actually had a potatoey texture.  Completing the dish was overcooked frozen veggies and a decently crispy garlic bread.

Lionel Hutz, to my surprise, went for the Hulk Burger.  He wanted to relive his youth, but I cautioned that he was not all that young anymore, despite his crotch rocket and Nissan Skyline.  But he went ahead anyways with the monstrosity consisting of a beef patty, fried egg, bacon, cheese and a really large sausage (was he making a statement?).  He remarked it was actually okay with a not-too-dry patty and well-made ingredients.  He went for the onion rings but was given fries at first.  I swiped one and it was very starchy and only lightly crispy.  As for the Onion Rings, they were hot and crunchy in a flour-battered kind-of-way.  The chipotle dip was actually quite good with some spice.

Milhouse decided on the safest dish being the Trucker's Breakfast.  You can't screw up breakfast right?  Well... The large pancakes were dense and doughy.  The rest was pretty typical though.  He couldn't finish it and our server insisted he take the pancakes home to his chagrin.  I think he fed it to the local raccoon.  Anyways, with my twisted fantasy come true, we were treated to exactly what we expected - mediocre food served in the very same decor from 20+ years ago.

The Good:
- Large portions
- Open 24 hours
- Our server was nice

The Bad:
- Food only an inebriated person at 2:00am would enjoy
- Decor needs a reset (much like the Canucks?)
- Not as cheap as you would think

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Steve said...

My condolences to the racoons. I seem to recall the food was a lot better back in the early 70's, but come to think of it, I used to drink a lot more back then too!
I haven't been in there for a year or two, ever since I started reading the the health inspection reports.

LotusRapper said...

20+ years ? Try 30-ish. My very first time at this K&D was during our Grad '85 cruising (you know, bunch of nerds in modded up Civics, Tercels, VW Rabbits and the odd IROC Camaro) and the decor was EXACTLY the same.

Funny we were just at this K&D this past summer. Food was mediocre, but it was "family-friendly", cheap and our young-ish waitress was super nice and we received above-and-beyond service from her.

I will be sad when establishments like these disappear. They are now the new "local greasy diner" in a sea of Cactus Clubs, Brown's and the likes.

So I say Long Live the Knights :-D

Jade said...

I agree with LotusRapper.... there are so many pretentious restaurants out there.... all catering to the young and trendy crowds. It is hard to find a family-friendly chain. Moxie's and White Spot used to be a family type restaurant but have tried going up-scale. There are so few places to go where it's a casual, affordable, clean setting and also serves good food. We tend to frequent a lot of independent restaurants because we find the quality of food and service to be much better.

Steve said...

Don't get me wrong, I always support the local, affordable and independent restaurants over the trendy chain restaurants. It's just that the food quality and cleanliness are also factors that I look at when deciding where to spend my money.

Sherman Chan said...

@Steve My friend, who is a health inspector would only eat the hashbrowns here...

Steve said...

@Sherman - Interesting, I would give a health inspector's a lot more credence than I would the many anonymous restaurant reviews posted on other various websites, which are often exaggerated or completely false.
That said, FWIW, this one painted a particularly gross picture of the kitchen.

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