Sherman's Food Adventures: Jollibee


My son loves skin.  Alright, before you call child protection services on me, I will clarify...  He loves crispy skin such as Peking duck, roast pork cracklings and fried chicken.  For a kid who is as adventurous as a vegan at a Texan BBQ, he sure loves the crunchy stuff.  Hence, while we were at Southcenter in Tukwila, it seemed like a good idea to hit up Jollibee.  For those who are unaware, Jollibee is a fast food chain out of the Philippines which is famous for their fried chicken.

Okay, let's get right to the meat (sorry for the pun) of the meal with the 3 PC Spicy Fried Chicken with 2 sides (corn & fries).  With one bite into the crispy and greasy chicken, the juices ran down my hand.  It was so tender and moist - an indication of a good brine.  But the best part was the spiciness.  It hit my tongue with force but had a nice sweet, almost BBQ-like finish.  Dunking it into the mild gravy helped temper the spiciness.  The fries were pretty crispy with a starch coating.  Not really fond of the corn though since it was a bit tough.  As much as they are famous for their fried chicken, I had to try their Aloha Burger.  It was a pretty simple concoction of beef patty, lettuce, bacon, cheese and pineapple, however, I liked it.  The bun was super soft and while the beef was well-done, it was not overly dry.

My daughter insisted on the Spaghetti with ham, sausage, beef and cheese. It was a predictably sweet with barely any zing due to the use of banana ketchup.  The pasta was not too overdone.  A great spaghetti for kids, but an acquired taste for adults familiar with the American version. Her order came with a regular piece of fried chicken and it was also a recipient of a good brine.  Juicy and flavourful.  We also tried the Pancit Palabok (Fiesta Noodles on the menu) it was saucy, slightly seafoody, savoury and sweet.  For a fast food joint, with prepared ingredients, this was was a decent version with layered flavours and enough meat.  Overall, the meal was enjoyable, but the star was and will always be the spicy fried chicken in my opinion.

The Good:
- Juicy and flavourful fried chicken
- Decent value
- Something different if you haven't tried it

The Bad:
- Compared to an actual Filipino restaurant, the rest of the food is average, but then again, it's fast food...
- Long lineups at this location


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