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24/7 Thai

*Renamed Pho 24/7*

It's been a long time since we have visited 24/7 Thai.  I guess our experiences there were not exactly memorable.  By virtue of eating there past 2:00am, our recollection would be probably fuzzy anyways... But with 3 expiring Entertainment coupons, it was a good enough reason to go back.  With a name like 24/7, one would assume the place is open all-the-time.  Apparently, they changed their minds and kept the name as they close at 4:00am.

Despite the fact we were sharing 6 dishes, I ordered a Pho Dac Biet for myself because I was hungry (but I seem to do this anyways at all times).  I found the broth to be light with a mild sweetness.  It wasn't meaty nor inundated with MSG either.  The noodles were on the softer side while the meats were not bad, yet were in small pieces. With a lack of pickled turnip, the Pad Thai had a light tinge of ketchup which was okay in my books.  It was so well-hidden, that neither the colour nor overall flavour profile was predominantly ketchupy.  Chalk that up to good wok heat and enough palm sugar.  We did wish the noodles were less soft though.

The Shrimp Green Curry was far too watery and mild tasting for us.  They could've done with half the amount of sauce.  We didn't get any heat, fermented shrimp paste or coconut essence that made any significance.  The one positive was the shrimp itself as they were big and cold-water crunchy.  The rest of the ingredients were still vibrant as they were not overcooked.  Another dish that I was indifferent with was the Thai Cashew Chicken.  For some odd reason, there were whole orange segments that watered down the dish.  Far too much liquid and not enough concentrated flavours.  The chewy pieces of chicken were not that impactful as the sauce did not penetrate nor adhere.

Although they used canned pineapples for the Pineapple Fried Rice, it did have enough wok heat as the rice was chewy and nutty.  However, there was an overall lack of pineapple essence and flavour (including other seasonings).  We thought the curry would somewhat help matters, but that only helped make it a watery mess.  Our favourite dish by far was the Thai Spicy Fish.  Each piece was deep fried until crisp while maintaining a nice moistness.  It was tossed in spicy and sweet seasoning that was impactful and full of depth.  Each piece of fish was still very crunchy even after being doused with sauce.

Trying to cover all the bases, we got the Spring Rolls and Lemongrass Chicken as well.  By virtue of being a hybird Thai/Vietnamese restaurant, we expected the use of wheat wrappers.  As such, the spring roll was a mix of both cuisines.  It was crunchy though.  As for the lemongrass chicken, the char was not a bit feeble as the skin was still fatty and pale.  It did taste okay though, yet wasn't as moist as we would've hoped.  As you can see, the food at 24/7 Thai ain't gonna knock anyone's socks off.  Yup, we left with our socks still firmly on our feet.  But considering the time of day and reasonable pricing, one can adequately dine on Thai/Vietnamese food here.

The Good:
- Open til 4:00am
- Friendly proprietors
- Diverse menu

The Bad:
- So-so food
- Parking lot is not free, even at 2:00am, but plenty of street parking though

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