Sherman's Food Adventures: Bee Kim Heng

Bee Kim Heng

As I was turning onto 16th from Fraser, I noticed that the new location of Bee Kim Heng was open for business.  That made me a happy camper (wait, I don't camp...  okay, how about a happy hoteller?) as I was a distressed to see the old location boarded up awhile back.  Seeing how my son has a general dislike of anything interesting, on a whim, I decided to pay the place a visit.  Hey, he might like it - Singaporean style jerky that is grilled and cured with lots of tasty seasoning (in particular sugar and no preservatives).  I decided to go for 1/2 pound of beef and 1/2 pound of pork.  The nice people there even gave us some samples.

I passed it to my son and surprise!  He liked it! He was especially impressed with the Pork Jerky as it as was mostly moist with some chewier portions.  It was charred which gave out a smoky flavour that accented by the sweet marinade.  My preference was for Spicy Beef Jerky which as the name implies was spicy.  In fact, it wasn't wimpy spicy either as there was a real kick. Being beef, the texture was much drier and chewier, but still not particularly difficult to eat (unless you put too much in your mouth).

Lastly, I picked up a few bags of their End Pieces which are generally chewier and sometimes a bit burnt.  Consider it the "burnt ends" beef jerky equivalent of the wonderful BBQ brisket variety.  It's cheaper and a great snack to munch on in front of the TV.  Now if you've never tried this type of jerky before, you are missing out.  Definitely a treat and probably the best Singaporean-style jerky in town (not that there are many other places).

The Good:
- Freshly made with no preservatives
- Just the right amount of char and smokiness
- Nice people

The Bad:
- You'll be paying for it
- Won't keep long

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