Sherman's Food Adventures: Yolk's Restaurant and Commissary

Yolk's Restaurant and Commissary

It's not often that my kids get jacked up about food, especially my son.  Apparently, our visit to Yolk's food cart left a lasting impression.  He really enjoyed the perfectly poached eggs while my daughter hijacked the whole skewer of truffle-lemon potatoes.  So it was a forgone conclusion that we would be paying their new restaurant (in the former location of Brave Bull's) a visit for some breaky.  Costanza and Elaine, being the ever willing eaters, met up with us.

With only minimal renovations and a paint job to match their food cart, don't expect ambiance nor attractive washrooms.  Instead, it is all about the food.  With that, I went for their special being the Braised Short Rib with onion rings and Stilton.  I also added a side of their Lemon-Truffle Potatoes on the side (which added another $3.50 to the $12.50 price tag).  As much as the short rib could've been a bit more moist, it was a large meaty slice.  With their trademark runny poached free-range egg and crunchy toasted English muffin, it was a lot more filling than it looked.  Like last time, the generous amount of truffle oil and lemon juice ensured the potatoes would be super-flavourful.  My son decided on the Buttermilk Pancakes with double-smoked bacon.  Unfortunately, these were dense and a bit of a chore to eat.  However, the crispy bacon was a nice distraction.

Viv and Elaine both tried the Breakfast "Muffins" consisting of 3 buttery baked bread shells.  From right to left, we had the Croque Monsieur, Croque Madame and Spinach, Mushroom & Goat Cheese. These were pretty good with a crunchy and buttery shell with yummy ingredients inside.  Strangely, I happened to like the vegetarian one the best as there was the gaminess of the goat cheese to go along with the rich Hollandaise.  Costanza ended up with the Chicken & Waffles which looked a whole lot bigger than the food cart version.  He seemed to enjoy it as much as I did as the waffles were good to go along with the ample crunchy panko-crusted chicken.

Lastly, we shared an order of the Beignets with salted caramel dip.  These were crispy on the outside and relatively airy on the inside.  Loved the dip as it was nicely amped by the salt.  Of note, the food took nearly 40 minutes to arrive - possibly they needed to bake the "muffins"?  Whatever the case, it would've been nice to be informed that our food was coming. As you can ascertain, we had no problem with the food though (just as good as the cart).  However, the prices are on the higher side considering the location and decor of the restaurant.  With that being said, the quality and execution was there.  

The Good:
- Interesting food
- It's tasty
- Friendly people

The Bad:
- On the pricier side
- Wait for food was too long
- Washrooms need some renos

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Clara said...

I find it interesting that Yolks has opened up shop here, since I remember the owners of Brave Bull being bought out so they could build something there.

But hey, who am I to complain when there's more good food to be had?

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