Sherman's Food Adventures: Viva Sue Pizza

Viva Sue Pizza

There are times when I get asked why my pictures of restaurants do not match the time of day when I visited them.  Simple answer - I went back to take that picture because it was either too dark or I merely forgot.  Yes, I am that crazy and committed. So when I pulled into the parking lot to get an exterior shot of Ming Kee on Canada Way, I looked over to Viva Sue Pizza.  Boy, I haven't been back in so long.  Last time, I was suffering from the stomach flu and decided that since things were going out anyways, I should eat as bad as possible (that included McD's and Beard Papa!).

So that one thing that I remembered about Viva Sue's pizzas is the generous amount of cheese on top. I got a small Pepperoni Pizza for the kiddies and if I hadn't told you what was in it, one could easily mistaken it for a cheese pizza.  Underneath the thick layer of surprisingly non-greasy cheese was large slices of pepperoni which hid the tomato sauce.  Yes, their pizzas are hearty!  The crust was more bread-like, which I didn't mind.  A bit tart, slightly sweet and somewhat zesty, the tomato sauce took its position in the background.  I got a medium Ham & Pineapple for myself and Viv and it was just as cheesy with large slices of ham.  Pretty typical, but again, with lots of cheese.

For good measure, I added a Baked Lasagna with garlic bread.  And you guessed it, with lots of cheese on top. Naturally, the lasagna was the typical "take-out pizza joint" style (without Ricotta nor cottage cheese), but it was okay.  The noodles were not overdone while the sauce was plenty meaty.  Despite over 4 years between visits, Viva Sue was exactly I remembered it - a very cheesy experience.

The Good:
- Lotsa cheese
- Lotsa toppings
- Nice people

The Bad:
- Unless you mind it, the pizza is heavy and can be greasy
- Awkward location to get in and out of

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Miss Vancouver Piggy said...

LOL thought I was the only person who goes back to take photos of restaurants exterior

Sherman Chan said...

@MVP I'm glad I'm not the only one either! LOL...

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