Sherman's Food Adventures: Moulin Rouge

Moulin Rouge

Like the TV cartoon, Tom & Jerry's (the restaurant) can be sometimes be the butt end of many jokes. Hey, don't knock it though as it has been around as long as I can remember.  In the same class as Denny's and Knight & Day, it serves to offer up eats when other establishments have long closed for the night.  Sadly (maybe?), T&J's has bit the dust and in its place is Moulin Rouge.  Looking very much the same with a menu all under $10.00, I'm not sure if anything has changed.

Since they are once again open 24 hours, it was convenient for us after late night Friday hockey. I started with the Deluxe Burger consisting of a 6 oz patty, cheese, bacon and mushrooms.  I found the patty very dry and overcooked, yet the plethora of toppings including the fresh tomatoes and lettuce somewhat helped alleviate the problem.  The kaiser bun was plenty toasted which helped keep everything together.  The fries were pretty generic and only slightly crisp.  For my second dish, I had the Lamb Shank which had a shade of pale that would make Taylor Swift look tanned.  It ate pretty much how it looked being one dimensional in flavour (salt) and a touch chewy in parts.  The rice was good though being soft with a bite.

Emilicious had the Chicken Schnitzel with mushroom sauce (even though she asked for Madagascar Sauce).  It was pretty decent with a large chicken cutlet which was fried up very crispy while still somewhat moist inside.  The sauce was rich and creamy with plenty of mushrooms.  It was surprisingly good.  Milhouse had the Meatloaf and it appeared they used the same sauce.  It was okay being sufficiently moist with only the slightest hint of seasoning.  Lionel Hutz originally ordered the Chicken Nachos, but theuy forgot the chicken.  Oh yeah, they forgot his milkshake too. This was only the tip of the iceberg concerning the overall service we received. It was friendly enough, but our server was very forgetful and completely lost for the duration of our meal. Food in general was pretty average at best. Whatever the case, Moulin Rouge offers up an option for 24 hour eats.

The Good:
- Everything under $10.00
- Edible
- Open 24 hours

The Bad:
- Average food at best
- Service we got was confused and forgetful

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LotusRapper said...

Sometimes restaurants "close" and re-open under a different name for tax reasons. Often, the original incarnation is becoming insolvent. I'm no accountant, but our accountant told me it's fairly common for companies/restaurants to close, re-structure, and re-open re-branded for financial sake.

In a way, I'm glad T&J is back .... its the kind of meh but cheap family restos that's easy for the family pecking.

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