Sherman's Food Adventures: Leisure Tea & Coffee

Leisure Tea & Coffee

Ever since Mijune has become famous, it has been increasingly difficult to track her down.  Either she is super busy or she just wants to ignore me - I really hope it's the former.  Well, to my relief (at least I hope so!), she is indeed swamped with her travels and responsibilities.  After another late night hockey game at Richmond Ice, I was able to meet up with her for some late night drinks and a bit of food as well at Leisure Tea & Coffee (with an emphasis on "a bit of food" as the menu is quite limited).

I requested that my Mango Slush be minimally sweet and they came through with just the right amount of sugar.  The slush itself was super smooth and almost creamy.  Whether or not the mango was fresh or not, it really didn't matter as the slush emanated a real ripe mango taste.  I particularly liked the aromatic finish.  Mijune had the Black Sesame Slush and it was aromatic in its own right.  They managed to get the right amount of sweetness here as well.  As much as it was good, we would've liked to see more sesame hit. As for more sweets, we had the Caramel Shaved Ice featuring a creme caramel on top.  It was actually not bad with a rice silkiness (and no bubbles, an indication it was cooked properly).  More eggy than creamy, it was mildly sweet with a slight caramel finish.  The condensed milk and caramel sauce mixture was super sweet, hence, we had to ask for more shaved ice.

As for the limited amount of food on the menu, I decided to try the Club Sandwich consisting of fried egg, ham, cucumber, tomato and mayo.  This was so-so as the bread was not as soft as I would've liked.  Furthermore, the crust wasn't consistently removed on the outside.  The ingredients were fine though, especially the egg, where it wasn't overdone.  I also got the Combo Platter consisting of fried crispy spicy chicken, fried tofu and fried fish cake.  This arrived glistening with oil.  Not sure if the temperature was not hot enough, but each item was greasy and soaked.  Hence, the chicken wasn't all that crispy.  It was moist and juicy though with a moderate amount of spice.  On the other hand, the tofu was plenty crunchy.  As for the fish cake, it was fine except afflicted with oil.

Lastly, we shared the Taiwanese Sausage (yes, insert joke here) and it was sweet and had a nice chewy texture.  The exterior was fried up nicely where it had a snap.  Okay, as you can clearly see, food is not the emphasis here.  Hence, the name - Leisure Tea & Coffee.  However, nothing was offensive and service was good.  Therefore, it offers up an option for late night drinks with a side of whatever to munch on.

The Good:
- Friendly servers (at least that is what we got)
- Drinks are blended well
- Calm, comfortable environment

The Bad:
- Food is not the focus here
- Things came out a bit slow

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