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Bombay Se

Often, certain low ratings on Urbanspoon and Yelp make me ponder.  Hey, I've been to that place before and it wasn't that bad... What gives?  Makes me appreciate the blog Food Rebuttal as they visit all of the nasty places (with sometimes a different take).  So for my recent re-visit to Bombay Se, it was a form of Food Rebuttal since their rating is a lowly 56% (at the time of this post).

I've had both the regular menu and the buffet before at Bombay Se.  This visit was the buffet as I bought a 2-for-1 coupon. Although attractive in appearance, the Butter Chicken was pretty average.  The sauce was too thin in consistency and taste.  It was neither creamy nor tomatoey, rather, it was very mild and watery.  The pieces of chicken were on the drier side as well. Granted, this was a buffet version of the dish, so I'll cut them some slack.  I did like the Saag Lamb as the spinach was creamy and silky.  The pieces of lamb were sufficiently tender while the flavour was also quite mild.

I really liked the Fish Pakora as each piece was thick which in turn ensured it would be flaky and moist.  Yet that did not compromise the crispiness of the exterior.  It was light and only marginally greasy.  They were also well-seasoned.  The Naan was served table-side where it was pretty decent where the bottom was crisp and charred while the rest of it was soft, pillowy and chewy.  Not a huge fan of the Daal as it resembled soup with little-to-no-flavour.  Meh, yah the 56% does seem about right for the food we got at Bombay Se.  To be fair, it was the buffet, so the a la carte dishes could be better.  But for now, I would look elsewhere for an Indian buffet considering that are so many along Scott Road.

The Good:
- Spacious and nicely appointed
- Friendly staff
- Reasonably-priced

The Bad:
- Food is meh, at least for the buffet
- Only an elevator up to the restaurant, no stairs?

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LotusRapper said...

Ratings of AYCE's can often be strongly influenced by price. One would feel somewhat different about value and quality of an AYCE at $9.99 versus say, $18.99.

How much was Bombay Se's buffet ?

Sherman Chan said...

@LR It is only $10.00, so it's okay I suppose. But there are quite a few nearby and are better.

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