Sherman's Food Adventures: Burger Claim

Burger Claim

After a predictably mediocre (that's being nice by-the-way) buffet dinner at The Loose Moose in the Great Wolf Lodge, we were not going to do that again for breakfast/lunch.  Rather, we walked across the parking lot over to Burger Claim right next to the Chevron.  I had actually put this on our itinerary since I wasn't going to pay $15.99 for a breakfast buffet.  So we slept in and ate lunch right at 11:00pm.  We could've gone earlier as they serve breaky as well, but really, for a place named Burger Claim, we had to try the burgers!

Viv decided to go for something lighter in the Grilled Salmon Burger which took longer than the rest to be prepared.  Despite the place being predominantly a beef burger joint, the salmon was actually not severely overdone.  Instead, the middle was actually moist while the outside was only slightly dry.  It was dressed with tartar sauce that was not really all-that-noticeable.  My daughter stayed with theme by selecting the kid's Fish Sandwich with a side of fries.  The decent-sized piece of fish was lightly battered and mostly crispy.  It was a bit over-seasoned bordering on salty.  Once again, the tartar sauce was too weak to be noticed.  The fries were not exactly crispy and were a bit dense probably due to the choice of potato (Idahoan russet).

My son went for the kid's Miner Cheeseburger which was a bit small in his opinion.  In hindsight, we should've ordered a full-sized burger for him instead.  He did like it though as the patty was made of fresh beef that was not overcooked.  It was a bit crumbly and still moist.  For myself, I had no other choice but to get the Shaft Burger consisting of 4 x 1/4 beef patties, lettuce, tomato, onion, cheese, pickle and miner sauce.  This 1 lb monstrosity was a chore to eat in terms of both physical and portion size.  I actually finished the darn thing because the meat was pretty tasty especially with all the cheese.  I felt the IGA bun did a pretty good job of keeping things together despite being somewhat soft.

For our sides, we got the Onion Rings and the Garlic Parmesan Fries.  Fried up super crunchy, the onion rings were pretty good.  Inside, the onion was tender and not dried out while the outside was easy on the grease.  As for the garlic parm fries, they were so garlicky, we could smell them from afar.  Also, they didn't skimp on the Parmesan.  This meant they were super flavourful on their own.  However, the already moisture-ladened fries were even more so with the toss of the garlic oil (which meant they were greasy too).  Ultimately, we needed something fast and relatively inexpensive so we could get back to the water park.  Seeing how the food at GWL was not very good, Burger Claim did the job.

The Good:
- Juicy burgers
- Okay pricing

The Bad:
- Fries could be crispier
- Greasy (but what did we expect?)

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