Sherman's Food Adventures: Pancake Chef

Pancake Chef

I love staying at Marriott properties, especially when there is a breakfast included.  However, since we were at the Courtyard Southcenter, there was none to be had except for The Bistro.  Seeing how I didn't want to pay for mediocre cafeteria food at restaurant prices, we ended up driving over to nearby International Blvd and visiting the Pancake Chef.  Seemingly stuck in a time-warp, the place could easily pass for the diner featured in Pulp Fiction, except without Samuel L Jackson and John Travolta.

For myself, I decided on the Crab and Cheese Omelet made with 3 eggs and served with country potatoes and 2 slices of toast.  Naturally, I was a bit skeptical about eating anything related to seafood at a place called the Pancake Chef.  However, I was pleasantly surprised with the large pieces of firm and fluffy crab stuffed inside the omelet.   There was plenty of it as well as the plethora of melted cheddar.  One thing I would've liked to see was a milder cheese.  Viv decided on the light version of the Corned Beef Hash that came with one egg and toast.  The best description of the dish would be wet and squishy.  We thought the dish could've used much more searing on the flattop. It did taste okay by being not overly salty.

For my son, he had the Junior Plate consisting of scrambled egg, 2 strips of bacon and 3 dollar-sized pancakes.  He dusted this off since it was prepared on point.  The egg was soft while the bacon was thick and crispy.  And living up to its namesake, the pancakes were fluffy and cooked just enough so it was still moist.  My daughter had the French Crepes with strawberry filling and whipped cream.  The crepe was of a medium-sized thickness and nicely tender while the filling was pretty typical being sweet. Overall, the Pancake Chef did the job, yet interestingly without many issues.  Nothing too special, but the food is pretty decent.

The Good:
- Good pancakes (it should be...)
- Homey diner thing going on

The Bad:
- Kinda expensive
- Okay food, but not memorable


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