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TK Sub Cafe

Remember when a Banh Mi could be had for as little as $2.00?  Yah, those were the days...  Well, it has been increasingly hard to find one for under $4.00, but there are a few places that still charge roughly $3.75.  Now when we talk about Mexican Tortas, the pricing becomes heftier despite its street food roots.  However, what if I told you about a place that serves both (in many different varieties) for only $3.75?  Sure, it may not be super authentic, but if one wanted a cheap lunch, they might just find it at TK Sub Cafe.

This little non-descript joint on Knight at Kingsway serves up really cheap eats that doesn't necessarily skimp on quality either.  With fresh-baked bread and earnest service, there is not much more one can expect for the price.  I finally dropped by after successive drive-bys without stopping.  I ended up getting 2 tortas including the BBQ Pork and Machada. Although there was only a modest amount of pork, it was effective in taste and texture.  The slight chewiness and ample seasoning made it feel heard amongst the sweet caramelized onions, banana peppers, avocado and veggies.  The shredded and spicy beef was even more evident as it was zesty and salty.  It contrasted the nicely toasted bun with its soft texture and moisture.

I also got a Lemongrass Chicken Banh Mi and although it essentially used the same bread, the sandwich worked.  Again, there wasn't a whole lot of meat, but the amount that was there did its job.  It was on the drier side, but the ample wet ingredients including the acidic daikon and carrots helped the cause.  Once again, I will remind everyone that the banh mi here have nothing on Banh Mi Saigon, but for the price, the sandwiches (in any form) at TK Sub Cafe can be classified as solid cheap eats.

The Good:
- Cheap
- Decent
- Super nice people

The Bad:
- Don't expect authenticity

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Steve said...

I do like TK's tortas better than Duffin's, mainly because they do a much better job of toasting the bun and the ingredients are aways very fresh.
I was in TK's on Friday and I noticed that their tortas and sub prices have crept up a little. They are now $3.99 - still a bargain in my opinion.

Nonea said...

We stopped in here as we were wandering around. Best decision of the day! The owner is wonderful, the food is awesome and super reasonable. We ordered a sub combo and a club sandwich. The bread and ingredients were fresh, it tasted amazing for a sub. The owner was a joy to talk with. Our experience was great quality food at a low price (with exceptional service).

** the price went up $1 from original post, but still well worth it!

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