Sherman's Food Adventures: Mediterranean Donair House

Mediterranean Donair House

Often, when I want to grab a quick meal that is not necessarily McD's nor Wendy's, I default to Subway.  Hey, it's predictable, "relatively" healthy and convenient (so many locations...).  However, there are really better and more unique things to eat for the same price (or in some cases, cheaper).  Yup, those include gourmet slice pizza, banh mi, Chinese pastries and donairs.  When heading home one day, I chose the latter for myself and Viv for lunch.  Since I was passing through New West, I stopped at Mediterranean Donair House (which I spotted from across the street last time I was at Anny's).

I decided to get one each of the Beef and Chicken Donairs.  For regular size, these were packed solid with meat.  Watching the guy construct each one, he was pretty methodical and precise, making each one with care.  I liked how he placed each of them in the oven to warm up the pita shell. I found the beef to be moist and tender with plenty of spices.  The chicken was fairly moist with a few dry parts.  It was also well-seasoned.  The usual sauces were creamy and super garlicky while the hot sauce was on the sweeter side.

For myself, I had the Lamb Plate which featured actual shredded lamb.  As such, it was a touch drier and chewy than the formed lamb.  I did enjoy the flavour as it was appealingly gamy while dressed in the same garlicky and creamy sauce (possibly too much sauce, which made the rice wet).  As for the side of hummus, it was more sesame tasting than garlic and lemon.  But it was super smooth and still appealing.  Overall, I thought the donairs were pretty good where it gives Donair Star and Paradise Donair a run for their money.

The Good:
- They don't skimp on the meat
- The pita is warmed up in the oven
- Real shredded lamb

The Bad:
- A tad over-sauced
- Hot sauce could be less sweet

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Aviator said...

Try best Donair at Henderson sometime? tHey grill their donair like a panini there..

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