Sherman's Food Adventures: Heaven Sent Fried Chicken

Heaven Sent Fried Chicken

Awhile back, we had made our way to Ezell's Famous Chicken due to the hype from Oprah Winfrey.  Unfortunately, it was an underwhelming experience and I openly questioned Oprah's taste in food.  Fast forward to the present and the founder of Ezell's, Ezell Stephens no longer owns the rights to the name, but has set up shop with Heaven Sent Fried Chicken with 3 locations in the Seattle area.  The kiddies were enthusiastic about fried chicken for dinner as we headed out to the Renton location.

We ended up going for the 8 Piece Family Meal with half original and half spicy.  Okay, anything I said about Ezell's chicken is completely untrue about Heaven Sent.  Aptly named, the chicken was truly blessed with a firm and crunchy well-rendered skin while sporting succulent meat inside (well-brined and flavourful).  These enormous pieces of chicken were so filling that 8 pieces was more than enough for 4 of us.  The spicy version was definitely that, but not overly so. I also got a side of Fried Gizzards which were lightly battered and crispy.  With enough seasoning (batter and the gizzards themselves), they were good on their own with the classic chewy and crunchy (tendon portion) texture.

As for sides, the meal included 4 soft and sweet Rolls.  As much as these could be seen as a throw-in, this was not the case.  I could've eaten all 4 myself.  We also had the Mashed Potatoes and Gravy, Coleslaw and Fries (I added the fries separately).  Soft but still a touch lumpy (in a good way), the mashed potatoes were nicely seasoned and were further amped by the thick flavourful gravy.  The coleslaw was crunchy with a good balance of acidity and sweetness.  As for the fries, well, they were fries.  I thought they could've been crispier. But honestly, it was all about the chicken and it completely delivered and more so.  I'm still thinking right now as I write this about my next visit to Heaven Sent.

The Good:
- Well-prepared fried chicken
- Large chicken pieces
- Friendly people

The Bad:
- Good food takes time, we waited awhile
- Better get takeout, not a whole lot of seats
- Not exactly cheap


Unknown said...

Curious ... how does Heaven Sent compare to something local like LA Chicken in Richmond?

Sherman Chan said...

Personally, I liked the one at Heaven Sent more due to the crunchy batter. So good.

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