Sherman's Food Adventures: Luxury and Supercar Weekend at VanDusen Botanical Garden

Luxury and Supercar Weekend at VanDusen Botanical Garden

Okay, what do luxury and supercars have to do with a food blog?  Well, it would most certainly speed up the time required to travel to a restaurant and would really impress at the drive-thru.  Actually, one would probably be pulling up to the valet at a nice restaurant with one of these machines.  However, I would only be so lucky to actually own one, let alone take it through a McD's drive-thru.  Well, I will admit that I love cars, especially expensive ones.  I'm not sure if it trumps food though.  Hence, I hit up the VIP area first where yes, there was food (the reason I was there).

Greeting us were 2 extremely long lineups for Via Tevere Pizzeria and Save-On-Meats.  In the end, it was worth the wait for one slice each of the Margherita and Vesuvio.  In a strange twist, I enjoyed the Neapolitan pizza from the food truck more than the restaurant out on Victoria Dr.  Consistently crispy throughout with just the right amount of leoparding, the pizza was texturally and taste wise on point.  I particularly liked the Vesuvio as the salame piccante and capicollo added a nice punch of spiciness.  On the other hand, the crazy wait at Save-on-Meats was a waste of time.  The Mini-Sliders featured dry meat and a cold dense bun.   However, the meat did taste good with a natural beef flavour while being nicely BBQ'd. In the end, it didn't seem like they could keep up with all the orders.

Onto some smaller appies, we tried the offering from Boulevard being the Chilled Cucumber Veloute with smoked Northern Divine Sturgeon, crème fraîche, dill and pumpernickel.  This was refreshing and bright while aided by the buttery smokiness of the sturgeon.  The other ingredients were present, but were definitely in the background due to the small amount.  Resembling finger tuna fish sandwiches, the Sturgeon Pastry from Peninsula featured oregano and mayo.  I found it flaky while dense.  The flavours were extremely subtle with only a hint of sturgeon and oregano. This was a practical item for the event, yet hardly memorable either.

Nearby, we picked a few beverages at Caffe Umbria including an Americano and Cappuccino.  I'm no coffee aficionado, but these were pretty good with a noticeable smoothness with no bitterness.  It could've been stronger in my opinion, but again, I'm not expert.  Right next door, we had to get some dessert at D'oro Gelato.  We were given a choice of either a cup or mini-cone consisting of 2 scoops.  For myself, I had the Berry Sorbetto and Raspberry Cheesecake while Miss Y opted for Mission Fig and Dolce Latte. The gelato was definitely creamy, but pretty sweet.  As for the sorbetto, it was melting pretty quick (due to the display being open all the time).  It was smooth though while very sugary.  These were good, but I personally like Bella more.

We did end up try a few bites over at the CKNW stall, but there were no descriptions.  From what we could gather, it consisted of a tuna salad atop cucumber (one with ikura and another with caviar) and a croquette. However, if you can already ascertain, it really wasn't about the food.  Otherwise it wouldn't have been called Luxury and Supercar Weekend!  But for those wondering if the $100.00 was worth it for the VIP experience, let's just say you could easily recoup that in alcohol alone as they were pretty generous with their pours.


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