Sherman's Food Adventures: Bestie


Due to being tied up with the Chinese Restaurant Awards, I haven't been able to make it to my Friday night hockey games.  However, there was one that was not in conflict with any of my eating activities.  On the other hand, no one was around to eat afterwards!  The horror!  Well, my trusty eating sidekick Milhouse was game.  Well, this was as good as anytime to visit Bestie since the place is small (and the menu is fairly simple). Yah, we thought sharing some sausage would be the best plan of action!

That we did starting with the Pretzel Board that looked somewhat similar to the one I had at 33 Acres.  It featured a warm and chewy pretzel (a bit hard in places) which went really well with the stinky cheese sauce.  I found the sauce to be the right consistency as well as not being overly salty.  Of course there were slices of sausage, pickles, mustards and some sweet chutney to complete the board.  The real reason to ever visit Bestie is for the Currywurst.  Since it was our first time, they suggest we try it schranke (with mayo and green onions).  This was solid with crispy and meaty fries topped with pork bratwurst.  Of course it was sauced with a tangy curry ketchup and the aforementioned mayo and green onions.  This was the perfect late-night "snack" in our opinion.
We tried one more item in the Elderberry and Elk Sausage atop sauerkrautI liked the slight resistance and snap of the casing which revealed surprisingly moist and tender elk that was nicely spiced.  It wasn't particularly gamy, which was also rather pleasant.  Even the sauerkraut was good as it wasn't too acidic.  As you can probably ascertain, Milhouse and I were satisfied with our visit to Bestie.  We shared well-made sausages and all of the other things that came with it (I'm not sure that sounded right...).

The Good:
- Solid eats
- Nice people
- Open late

The Bad:
- Not particularly spacious
- Wished the fries would be fresh-cut
- A bit pricey  


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